Sleeping robots to automatic bread baking machine: Top unconventional products at CES 2019

CES 2019 is back with futuristic technology and some unconventional ones as well. Here’s a closer look at some of these products.

A prototype of L’Oreal’s wearable skin sensor which can measure pH levels.
A prototype of L’Oreal’s wearable skin sensor which can measure pH levels. (L’Oréal)

The annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is home to emerging and futuristic technology. The six day conference is currently underway and will continue till January 11. CES 2019 has so far shown innovations like Samsung's modular micro-LED, and AMD's mobile chip series. Here's a look at some interesting and unconventional products unveiled at CES 2019.

L'Oréal My Skin Track pH
L'Oréal's My Skin Track pH is a small, thin, flexible sensor that uses microfluidic technology to capture trace amounts of sweat from skin pores through a network of micro-channels. It provides pH reading within 15 minutes

Willow 2.0
Willow 2.0 features a new clear Flange and Quick-Snap closure for faster pumping. Its accompanying app, Willow has also been updated with tips and notifications for a more personalised experience.

Willow 2.0
Willow 2.0 (REUTERS)

The BreadBot
The BreadBot can mix, form, proof, bake and cool ten loaves of bread within one hour. The BreadBot is said to make loaves "fresher, healthier, preservative free and eco-friendly" then the ones available.

The BreadBot
The BreadBot (AP)

Lovot companion robots by Groove X
These cute little robots by Groove X are powered with artificial intelligence that can ask for attention, and also shy away from people it's not familiar with. Lovot companion robots will also follow you around like a pet.

Lovot companion robot
Lovot companion robot (AFP)

Somnox Sleep Robot
Somnox Sleep Robot is a cute looking companion robot which mirrors your breathing for a better night's sleep.

Somnox sleep robot
Somnox sleep robot (REUTERS)

The Mookkie pet bowl
The Mookkie pet bowl uses visual recognition to identify a specific cat's face and will only open up accordingly. It prevents other cats or animals from eating the food.

Mokkie pet bowl
Mokkie pet bowl (AP)

Byton M-Byte Concept SUV
Byton M-Byte Concept electric SUV features a shared experience display dashboard.

Byton M-Byte
Byton M-Byte (Bloomberg)

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