Turn your iPhone into a ‘Knowledge Hub’ with these top 5 education apps

If you're looking to transform your iPhone into a knowledge hub, there's a wealth of education apps available that can help you acquire valuable skills for a successful career or embrace a new lifestyle.

| Updated on: May 28 2023, 20:26 IST
iPhone battery killer apps on your iPhone 13, iPhone 12, iPhone 11?
Education Apps
1/5 iPhones such as the iPhone 13, iPhone 12 and even the iPhone 11 have an in-built Apple tool that allows you to check which apps are draining your battery life. Here’s how you can check. (Pixabay)
Education Apps
2/5 Go to your iPhone’s Settings and head to Battery. On the next page, tap on the Last 10 Days option, which shows battery usage for different apps from the past 10 days. (Apple)
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3/5 Scroll down to find the apps that have used the majority of your battery life in percentage form. Check which app has used how much battery in the past 10 days. (Pixabay)
Education Apps
4/5 You can even toggle it to see the listed items by activity and keep them ordered by battery usage. Now check which app you use very less but it's high on the list for battery usage. Also see the duration the app was running in the background. (Pixabay)
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5/5 Watch out for apps that use lots of battery and rack up lots of background usage time. You can either delete them or turn Low Power Mode on at the top. (Pixabay)
Education Apps
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Best education apps for iPad and iPhone. (Pexels)

If you're looking to transform your iPhone or iPad into a knowledge hub, there's a wealth of education apps available that can help you acquire valuable skills for a successful career or embrace a new lifestyle. Whether you're aiming to develop technical expertise, enhance soft skills, brush up on existing knowledge, or overcome challenges in academic subjects, our handpicked selection of the finest education apps for iPad and iPhone is here to accelerate your journey towards your desired career destination.

1. Duolingo

Looking to learn a new language? Duolingo is the perfect app for language enthusiasts. With a wide range of options like Dutch, French, Spanish, Chinese, and English, Duolingo caters to al your language learning needs. It customizes lessons based on your proficiency and goals, making it ideal for beginners and those looking to brush up their skills. The app's engaging games and daily reminders keep you hooked as you progress from simple words to complex sentences. Duolingo is undoubtedly one of the top language learning apps available.

2. Udemy

Udemy offers a wide range of video courses to enhance your skills for a new career. With flexible lengths, specialties, and requirements, it's a convenient platform for learning. Unlike subscription-based platforms, Udemy allows you to pay for courses as you learn, often with discounted prices. It also enables you to download tutorials for offline viewing, helping you save data. When choosing a tutor, you can watch YouTube videos first to see if their teaching style suits you before enrolling in their course.

3. LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning is a valuable platform for career advancement and personal development. It offers a wide range of courses, from resume writing to programming, with experienced tutors who teach in an easy-to-follow manner. Some courses are free, while others require a LinkedIn Premium subscription. The platform provides end-of-session assessments to track your progress, and you can share your achievements on LinkedIn to showcase your skills to professionals and potential employers. It's time to optimize your LinkedIn experience by exploring LinkedIn Learning.

4. PhotoMath

PhotoMath is a problem solver that provides quick solutions to mathematical problems. It caters to parents, teachers, and students, offering tailored solutions for each user. With its iPhone scan-to-text feature, you can easily solve math assignments by scanning the problem and receiving step-by-step solutions. While it excels at solving simple problems, complex word problems may pose a challenge. To enhance learning, attempt solving problems independently before referring to the solutions. PhotoMath offers free and premium memberships, with the latter providing animated tutorials, a Maths Dictionary, and other exclusive features. Available in multiple languages.

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First Published Date: 28 May, 17:28 IST