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10 Best smartwatches for men: Style and functionality combined

Best smartwatches for men: Style and functionality combined

| Updated on: Feb 29 2024, 16:05 IST
best smartwatches for men
Check out the best smartwatches for men here (Unsplash)
best smartwatches for men
Check out the best smartwatches for men here (Unsplash)

Smartwatches have developed as important companions that smoothly blend into our daily lives in the ever-changing realm of wearable technology. Thebest smartwatch for men on the market today keep you linked to your calls and text messages while also providing you complete control over your health and fitness—it's just a matter of deciding which one is the best smartwatch for you. They do more than just tell time; they keep us connected, informed, and inspired.

List of Best Selling Products

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Product Ratings Price
Fire-Boltt Phoenix Pro 1.39" Bluetooth Calling Smartwatch, AI Voice Assistant, Metal Body with 120+ Sports Modes, SpO2, Heart Rate Monitoring (Black) 4.2/5 ₹ 1,299
Noise Newly Launched Quad Call 1.81" Display, Bluetooth Calling Smart Watch, AI Voice Assistance, 160+Hrs Battery Life, Metallic Build, in-Built Games, 100 Sports Modes, 100+ Watch Faces (Jet Black) 4/5 ₹ 1,149
Fire-Boltt Ninja Call Pro Plus 1.83" Smart Watch with Bluetooth Calling, AI Voice Assistance, 100 Sports Modes IP67 Rating, 240 * 280 Pixel High Resolution 4.2/5 ₹ 1,149
Noise Newly Launched ColorFit Pulse 3 with 1.96" Biggest Display Bluetooth Calling Smart Watch, Premium Build, Auto Sport Detection & 170+ Watch Faces Smartwatch for Men & Women (Vintage Brown) 4.1/5 ₹ 1,199
boAt Xtend Smart Watch with Alexa Built-in, 1.69” HD Display, Multiple Watch Faces, Stress Monitor, HR & SpO2 Monitoring, 14 Sports Modes, Sleep Monitor, 5 ATM & 7 Days Battery Life(Olive Green) 4.1/5 ₹ 999
CrossBeats Newly launched Ignite S5 Advanced AI ENC BT Calling Smart watch,1.96” Super AMOLED Anti-Glare Screen, Always on Display, SnapCharge™ Calculator, 500+ Watch Faces, AI Health Feature (Silver) 3.8/5 ₹ 2,999
Noise Force Rugged & Sporty 1.32" Bluetooth Calling Smart Watch, 550 NITS, 7 Days Battery, AI Voice Assistance, Smart Watch for Men (Jet Black) 4/5 ₹ 1,799
Noise ColorFit Ultra 3 Bluetooth Calling Smart Watch with Biggest 1.96" AMOLED Display, Premium Metallic Build, Functional Crown, Gesture Control with Metallic Strap (Glossy Silver: Elite Edition) 4.1/5 ₹ 2,999
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In the competitive market, there are numerousintelligent wearable solutions available.High-Tech Watches for Men that run a custom smartwatch operating system, such as Wear OS (Google) or watchOS (Apple), typically include the ability to download apps from an app store. But you don't have to spend a fortune to get your hands on a feature-rich smartwatch. Well-known brands fight for consumer interest and loyalty by offering a distinct set of features and innovations. The market has a wealth of options for men looking for the perfect balance of style, usefulness, and innovation. Thebest smartwatch for menwillgo above and above, housing a variety of features and apps while meeting your daily requirements, whether it's increased battery life, seamless communication, or a wide range of diverse usage. And, of course, there's fashion: many smartwatches can be customised to fit your personality, from the straps to the faces. A plethora of watchfaces are stored inside your smartwatch to match your mood and outfit, on the daily. The purpose of this article is to offer customers with the information they need to buy a smartwatch that suits all their needs in a quickly changing world of smart wearables. This selection has a smartwatch for everyone, whether you want to improve your exercise routine, stay connected on the go, or simply track your everyday activities. These fashionable wearables provide a variety of features that cater to a wide range of lifestyles. Without further ado, get ready to discover a world of economical yet feature-rich smartwatches with our finest smartwatches choices.


1. Fire-Boltt Phoenix Pro 1.39" Smartwatch



The Fire-Boltt Phoenix Pro is on the top of our list in thebest smartwatch for men. With bluetooth communication technology, the smartwatch allows you to make and receive calls directly from your wrist, allowing you to stay connected while on the road. It sports a bright 1.39-inch screen and a sleek aluminium chassis. Its seamless connection with an AI voice assistant allows for hands-free control.

The continuous monitoring of crucial health parameters like heart rate and SpO2 highlights the significance of happiness. It's great for a fitness enthusiast, with over 120 sports modes and thorough monitoring and analysis. Its Bluetooth calling feature ensures a mobile connection. Because it emanates elegance and provides the optimum blend of style and cutting-edge technology, the black model is a striking alternative for those who are both tech-savvy and fitness-conscious.

Specifications of Fire-Boltt Phoenix Pro 1.39" Smartwatch

Brand: Fire-Boltt

Model Name: Phoenix Pro

Colors: Multiple

Screen Size: 1.39-inch screen


Over 120 Sports ModesMaybe some compatibility issues with other devices
AI Voice AssistanceBattery life is not good

2. Noise Quad Call 1.81" Smart Watch


Begin your fitness adventure with the Noise Quad Call 1.81" Display, Bluetooth Calling Smart Watch, which was recently released. This is second on our list ofStylish Men's Smartwatches as it comes with AI voice assistance, a long battery life, and over 100 watch faces. The watch also includes built-in games and more than 100 Sports Modes. Bluetooth calling is supported by an in-built microphone and speaker. You can also connect your smartwatch to the app to track your progress over time, receive health information, compete with friends, and share your accomplishments.

The smartwatch has a 260mAh battery that takes approximately 2.5 hours to charge fully. It is strongly advised that you utilise a 5W power adaptor. The smartwatch has a remote music control feature that allows you to control music played on your phone as long as your phone and watch are within Bluetooth range of each other.

Specifications of Noise Quad Call 1.81" Smart Watch

Brand: Noise

Model Name: ColorFit Quad Call

Colors: Multiple

Screen Size: 1.81-inch screen

Decent battery lifeScreen gets scratched easily
AI voice assistance 

3. Fire-Boltt Ninja Call Pro Plus 1.83" Smart Watch


Another excellent option is the Fire-Boltt Ninja Calling Pro BSW039 Plus Smartwatch, which provides amazing performance. The Fire-Boltt Ninja Calling Pro BSW039 Plus Smartwatch, which includes a dial pad, sync contact settings, and call history, allows you to make and receive Bluetooth-enabled calls effortlessly and smoothly. You may also control this smartwatch with the help of your smartphone's voice assistant by issuing voice commands.

This wristwatch, which has up to 120 sports modes, allows you to easily monitor your heart rate while exercising or playing sports like cricket or kabaddi. With its Blood Oxygen Monitoring (SpO2) feature, this smartwatch allows you to monitor your blood oxygen levels while you're on the go. This smartwatch features up to 100 cloud-based watch faces from which you may choose the one that best suits your style and preferences.

Specifications of Fire-Boltt Ninja Call Pro Plus 1.83" Smart Watch

Brand: Fire-Boltt

Model Name: Ninja Call Pro Plus

Colors: Multiple

Screen Size: 1.83-inch screen

Smooth CallingBattery life can be improved
Great Health monitoring 

The Noise ColorFit smartwatch is revolutionary. The watch boasts a slimmer bezel for a fascinating visual experience, with its magnificent 1.96-inch TFT display and brighter viewing experience. It's meant to keep you connected without the burden of frequent charging, with a 7-day battery life. This recently released wristwatch includes 170+ watch faces to match your mood and style, as well as 100 sports modes to keep you active and engaged. The Noise Health Suite puts you in control of your health and improved Bluetooth calling.

Enjoy a peaceful rest with a smartwatch that recognises when you are sleeping and activates its 'Do Not Disturb' (DND) mode, which disables alerts and notifications. You can acquire Health Metrics and manage your health, exercise, and routine with the NoiseFit App. The smartwatch includes enhanced Bluetooth calling powered by Tru SyncTM, which provides a better calling experience.


Brand: Noise

Model Name: ColorFit Pulse 3

Colors: Multiple

Screen Size: 1.96-inch screen

Accurate health remindersSome connectivity issues
Long battery life 

5. boAt Xtend 1.69” Smart Watch HD Display


Another popular, affordable and among thebest smartwatch for men is the boAt Xtend Smart Watch, which comes in a square-shaped form with a tiny round dial and a 1.69-inch LCD. Leave your phone in your pocket and use the built-in Alexa to do your duties. With a 1.69" (4.29 cms) full capacitive LCD display, you can control your music, productivity, fitness etc. Features like Auto screen brightness, find my device, notification alerts, and music playback control are provided within the boAt Watch Xtend smartwatch. With options like Guided Meditative Breathing, Stress Monitor, and Sleep SpO2 Monitoring, your wellness is now on your wrist. Its 50 watch faces allow you to wear a different look every day. Make the most of your days by using boAt Xtend.

When completely charged, the 300 mAH battery capacity provides 7 days of typical use and 4-5 days of heavy use. The smartwatch offers Bluetooth 5 connectivity and is compatible with both iOS and Android devices.
Specifications of boAt Xtend 1.69” Smart Watch HD Display

Brand: boAt

Model Name: boAt Xtend

Colors: Multiple

Screen Size: 1.69-inch screen

Great displayMusic volume can be more responsive
Accurate health tracker 
Decent Bluetooth calling 

6. Fire-Boltt Invincible Plus 1.43" AMOLED Display Smartwatch

The Fire-Boltt Invincible Plus 1.43" AMOLED Display Smartwatch redefines versatility. It features various functionalities and a sleek black stainless steel design. Fire-Boltt Invincible PlusFunctional Smartwatches for Men has seamless Bluetooth connection for calls and TWS earbud pairing improves convenience.

It meticulously tracks activities and is a fitness enthusiast's dream with over 300 sports modes. Tracking steps, calories, kilometres, and moving one step ahead, you may now track your dance class, among other things. On the vivid 1.43" AMOLED display, more than 110 watch faces are displayed, allowing for personalisation. This smart wearable Fire-Boltt has 4GB of storage and can readily contain files and audio. Hands-free operation is also ensured by the built-in AI voice assistant.

Specifications of Fire-Boltt Invincible Plus 1.43" AMOLED Display Smartwatch

Brand: Fire-Boltt

Model Name: Invincible Plus

Colors: Multiple

Screen Size: 1.43-inch screen

Great display and designSome UI improvements can be made
Nice storage  
Decent sound output 

7. CrossBeats Ignite S5 1.96” Super AMOLED Smart watch



The CrossBeats Ignite S5 Smartwatch sports a big display, a fast CPU, and a slew of other features, making it the evolutionary smartwatch you've been looking for. This huge 49.7mm (1.96") AMOLED display on the Ignite S5 is a spectacular update with excellent colour adjustments and 60Hz refresh to provide complete uncompromised viewing. The S5 outperforms its predecessor with a 1.96" Super AMOLED screen, 500+ watch faces, numerous smart functions, and more.

The Ignite S5 includes wireless charging with SnapChargeTM for faster reloading and longer battery life. With 100+ sports training alternatives, you'll have something to attempt every day to keep your fitness at its best. 500+ new watch faces, as well as customisation, are a true game changer for fashion fans who consider smartwatches to be an extension of their daily lives. The smart always-on function of the S5 is a terrific way to let your style make a statement.

Specifications of CrossBeats Ignite S5 1.96” Super AMOLED Smart watch

Brand: CrossBeats

Model Name: Ignite S5

Colors: Multiple

Screen Size: 1.96-inch screen

User friendly and smooth performanceCustomer service needs to be better
Great battery life 

8. Noise Force Rugged & Sporty 1.32" Smart Watch


The Rugged and Sporty Noise Force with its stylish and durable design, is thebest smartwatch for men built to endure impact. Its practical rotating crown facilitates navigation, and Bluetooth calling allows you to access the dial pad, make calls directly from your wrist, check call logs, and save contacts. The 1.32" high-resolution display provides crisp pictures and is ideal for outdoor use, with a brightness of 550 nits. With up to 7 days of battery life, you can go a whole week without charging. With calling enabled, you can get up to 2 days of battery life.

The Noise Health SuiteTM includes a blood oxygen metre, a sleep monitor, a 24x7 heart rate monitor, and other health monitoring tools. It's the ideal partner for your favourite workout programme, with numerous sports modes. Increase your everyday productivity with reminders, weather, a world clock, an alarm, a stopwatch, and a timer.

Specifications of Noise Force Rugged & Sporty 1.32" Smart Watch

Brand: Noise

Model Name: NoiseFit Force

Colors: Multiple

Screen Size: 1.96-inch screen

Great design and displayThere is some lag
Decent battery life 

9. Noise ColorFit Ultra 3 1.96" AMOLEDSmart Watch

Long-lasting and sturdyOS is a bit laggy
Great display 

10. boAt Wave Style Call 1.69" Smart Watch

boAt Wave Style Call comes with a quality and classy appearance owing to its 1.69" (4.29cm) HD display. You may enjoy increased colour resolution with its 1.69-inch HD curved display and 70% RGB colour gamut. With a 160-degree display and the smartwatch's slim design, you can enjoy bright and vibrant graphics on the boAtTop Male Oriented Smartwatches. Furthermore, every day, you get to add a fresh dimension to your style with as many as 600+ cloud watch faces to match your outfit.

You can save up to 10 contacts and call them with a single tap using the built-in bluetooth calling. Its boAt Crest App, heart rate sensor, sleep tracker, SpO2 sensor, and 10+ sports modes enable you to construct a comprehensive health ecosystem by accurately tracking the health of your loved ones and yourself. With a battery life of up to 7 days and IP68 dust and water resistance. Staying in touch is easier than ever with seamless Bluetooth calling and a built-in mic and speaker.

Specifications of boAt Wave Style Call 1.69" Smart Watch

Brand: boAt

Model Name: Wave Style

Colors: Multiple

Screen Size: 1.69-inch screen

StylishVisuals can be improved
Nice battery life 

Top 3 features for you


ProductFeature 1Feature 2Feature 3
Fire-Boltt Phoenix Pro 1.39" SmartwatchAI Voice AssistanceBluetooth callingHealth Suite

Noise Quad Call 1.81" Smart Watch

AI Voice AssistanceBluetooth callingLong battery life

Fire-Boltt Ninja Call Pro Plus 1.83" Smart Watch

AI Voice AssistanceHealth Updates FeatureBluetooth Calling

Noise ColorFit Pulse 3 with 1.96" Smart Watch

Noise Health SuiteBluetooth callingBig 1.96" Display

boAt Xtend Smart Watch

In Built AlexaBluetooth callingHealth Monitor

Fire-Boltt Invincible Plus 1.43" AMOLED Smartwatch 

AI Voice AssistantAMOLED Display300+ Sports Modes

CrossBeats Ignite S5 1.96” Super AMOLED Smart watch

AI Health FeatureSuper AMOLED screen500+ Watch Faces

Noise Force Rugged & Sporty 1.32" Smart Watch

AI Voice AssistanceBluetooth Calling150+ Watch faces

Noise ColorFit Ultra 3 1.96" AMOLED Smart Watch 

AMOLED DisplayNoise Health SuiteBluetooth calling

boAt Wave Style Call 1.69" Smart Watch 

600+ watch facesHealth EcosystemAdvanced BT Calling

Best value for money

Noise ColorFit Pulse 3 1.96" Smart Watch

Noise ColorFit Pulse 3, a newly released smartwatch with a massive 1.96-inch display, is one of the most visually immersive alternatives on the market. The ColorFit Pulse 3's notable feature is its large 1.96-inch display, which provides users with a large and bright canvas to work with. This wristwatch has Bluetooth calling technology, allowing users to conduct calls straight from their wrists, increasing convenience and multitasking capabilities.

The ColorFit Pulse 3 is designed for fitness enthusiasts and includes automatic sport detection, guaranteeing that your workouts are accurately recorded without the need for user intervention. It is a comprehensive wellness companion with a plethora of health tracking capabilities such as heart rate monitoring, sleep tracking, and more.

Personalisation is also important, and the ColorFit Pulse 3 comes with over 170 watch faces, allowing users to easily express their style and mood. The smartwatch, which is wrapped in a classic brown tint, emanates a premium atmosphere that complements the tastes of both men and women.

All in all, it provides great value for money.

Best product overall

boAt Xtend 1.69” Smart Watch

The boAt Watch Xtend smartwatch is square in shape and has a tiny circular dial. The watch has removable straps and is available in Green, Cream, Black, and Blue. The boAt Watch Xtend smartwatch has a 1.69-inch LCD display. It has a 261ppi full capacitive touch screen. In addition, the display is of adequate size for a better user experience. Auto screen brightness, notification alerts, find my device, and music playback control are among the features of the boAt Watch Xtend smartwatch. You also get an Alexa voice assistant and 14 sports modes.

In terms of sensors, the boAt Xtend smartwatch has a 24-hour heart-rate monitor, a SpO2 sensor for tracking blood oxygen levels, and an accelerometer sensor for tracking movement. In addition, it has guided meditation breathing and a sleep monitor.

The boAt Watch Xtend Smartwatch has a 5-ATM water resistance construction, an Alexa voice assistant built in, a 7-day battery life, and a 1.6-inch square LCD display. One of its best advantages is its lengthy battery life. On average, the battery life of the boAt Watch Xtend smartwatch is 5-7 days. It has a 300mAh battery and an in-box magnetic charger, according to the manufacturer. The smartwatch offers Bluetooth 5 connectivity and is compatible with iOS and Android devices.

Therefore, functions-wise, boAt Watch Xtend is thebest smartwatch for men product overall.


How to buy the best smartwatch?

It can take time and effort to choose thebest smartwatch for men that suits all expectations in terms of style, features, hardware, compatibility, and other variables. As a result, before you spend money, you should conduct research and exercise caution.

iOS and Android compatibility

Check to see if yoursmartwatch is compatible with your iPhone. It would be pointless if the watch gathered all of the data but nothing was communicated to your device.


Make a list of the characteristics you desire in a smartwatch to help you decide which one to buy. Some major features to look for include app compatibility, cellular connectivity, Bluetooth calling, heart rate tracking, sleep monitoring, dust and water resistance, camera and music control and social media notifications.

Battery Life

One of the most important aspects to look for in a smartwatch is battery life. You don't want your smartwatch to die right before you leave the office. Smartwatches include a variety of features, including as integrated GPS, cellular support, continuous heart rate monitoring, and other biometric sensors, and they often require overnight charge to give a day's worth of battery life.

FAQs on smartwatches

Is a smartwatch resistant to shock?

Usually, smartwatches aren’t resistant to much shock. Therefore, please avoid dropping it from a great height etc. as it may cause damage to the smartwatch.

Can smartwatches be used in the absence of a smartphone?

Yes. A few smartwatches do not require a smartphone to function. Two examples are the Apple Watch series and the Samsung Galaxy Watch. This is due to the fact that they have their own cellular connection. This is a paid feature. It will allow you to make calls and respond to texts. The disadvantage of this smartphone independence is that it will deplete the battery of your smartwatch. A smartwatch with Wi-Fi capability is an alternative to a cellular connection and the additional cost.

How do Apple and Samsung smartwatches compare?

Apple maintains its lead in the smartwatch market, particularly among iPhone owners, with the latest model and enhanced features. Apple dominates the Smart High-Tech Watches for Men and Women market, accounting for more than half of global sales. The rest of the market is highly fragmented, with electronics behemoths, fitness tracking businesses, and traditional watchmakers all vying for a piece of the rapidly rising market. Samsung ranks fourth in global smartwatch sales, with a 7% market share.

How do we change watchfaces?

Touch and hold the home screen of the watch. Swipe through the watch faces to make your selection. To change the watch face, go to the app, select the watch face of your choosing, and then touch Save. You may even personalise your watch face using the app.

Are Noise smartwatches water resistant?

Many Noise smartwatches are water resistant, having IP68 certification, allowing them to endure splashes, rain, and even mild submersion. Specific waterproof characteristics, however, may differ between models, therefore it's critical to read the product information for each watch.
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