Bizarre! Can you gulp down an Apple Airpod? This celebrity just swallowed it!

British presenter Kirstie Allsopp swallowed an Apple Airpod mistaking it for her Vitamin tablets.

| Updated on: Aug 22 2022, 13:22 IST
A UK celebrity accidentally swallowed one of her Apple AirPods. (Apple)
A UK celebrity accidentally swallowed one of her Apple AirPods. (Apple)

Apple Airpods can be your music buddy, Bluetooth device to call hands-free, talk to Siri, and a lot more. But Apple Airpods as Vitamin tablets? Seems bizarre! Well, in the latest shocking news, this famous UK celebrity just escaped rushing to the hospital after gulping one of her Apple Airpods! British television presenter, Kirstie Allsopp had accidentally swallowed the Airpod considering it to be a Vitamin tablet. She shared a post on Twitter with her more than 428k followers.

Allsopp candidly tweeted, "In other news I just swallowed an AirPod while downing my vitamins, I don't recommend it.” Fortunately, she was able to dodge a hospital visit by throwing up the AirPod! "I've managed to chuck it back up without having to go to the hospital, but my throat is really quite sore," she further tweeted.

How did she manage to make this mistake. In her defence, Allsop shared a photo of the Apple Airpod among a dozen other medicinal tablets. The AirPod did merge into the background, matching in hard to see.

As soon as she shared the post, her Twitter followers rushed to the comment section to respond to this unusual mishap. One reaction was, “How on earth," with a laughing emoji. Allsopp replied to it, “AirPods in pocket, put vitamins in pocket while getting glass of water, chucked vitamins into mouth, gulped water, go for second lot, see one AirPod in hand, check pocket, check handbag. “Realise there's only one place it could be.”

You will be more shocked to know that this is not the first time someone swallowed an Airpod! Apple's tiny stem-shaped best true wireless earbuds have quite a history! An iMore report shed light on the previous such cases when users accidentally swallowed one of their AirPods. Back in 2021, a man slept with his Airpods and gulped one. Later, he had to visit the emergency room after feeling a distinct blockage in the center of his chest. In another case, a seven-year-old child in 2020 had to be rushed to the hospital after swallowing AirPods he received for Christmas.

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