CEO Joe Kiani reveals reason for Masimo's "crazy" pursuit of $100 mn Apple Watch battle | Wearables News

CEO Joe Kiani reveals reason for Masimo's "crazy" pursuit of $100 mn Apple Watch battle

Masimo persists in a $100 million legal battle against Apple Watch over patent disputes. CEO Joe Kiani stands firm. What was the reason? CEO Joe Kiani says to influence positive change in Apple.

| Updated on: Jan 01 2024, 15:01 IST
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CEO Joe Kiani says Masimo, a medical device company, will stand firm in its $100 million battle against Apple over patent issues linked to the Apple Watch. (Unsplash)

In a persistent legal battle, medical device company Masimo remains unwavering in its fight against Apple over the alleged Apple Watch patent infringement. The lawsuit was won by Masimo, leading to temporary ban being slapped on Apple Watch Series 9 and Apple Watch Ultra 2. Tha ban has been lifted for till further notice.Masimo's CEO, Joe Kiani, recently shared the reason behind his dogged determination to pursue the Apple Watch patent lawsuit in an exclusive interview with The Wall Street Journal, shedding light on his commitment to challenging the tech giant.

So. what was the reason to continue fight the tech behemoth Apple over this Apple Watch dispute? Kiani said, "No one is standing up to them." And then he astonishingly added, "If I can do it, it might change Apple for the better." The intent, he has indicated is to make Apple a better-behaved company when it deals with other, smaller, companies.

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Kiani concluded by highlighting the sense of duty that he feels. He said, "I feel like I have to do this. If I can change the most powerful company in the world from continuing to act badly, that'll have more impact on the world than anything else I'm doing."

Since the dispute ignited in January 2020, Masimo has invested approximately $100 million in the legal pursuit. This commitment is notable, especially considering Masimo's total profit for 2022 amounted to around $144 million, as reported by WSJ.

Despite warnings from Masimo employees and Kiani's associates about the formidable challenge of taking on Apple, Kiani remains resolute. "People were telling me I'm crazy and I can't go against Apple," shared Kiani. "They have unlimited resources."

Masimo's Past Legal Victories

While Masimo's ongoing legal clashes with Apple seem poised to extend over several years, the company has a track record of triumphs in similar disputes. Notably, Masimo prevailed in a seven-year patent battle with Nellcor in 2006, receiving nearly $800 million in damages and royalties. In 2016, Masimo also secured a victory against Royal Philips in a patent-infringement case, resulting in a $300 million payment and a licensing deal generating "more than $1 billion for Masimo."

Despite these past successes, Apple has yet to engage in what Kiani deems "Serious discussions about a settlement." In previous statements, Kiani expressed Masimo's openness to a settlement, emphasizing, "It takes two to tango," 9to5Mac reported.

Masimo's ongoing fight against Apple remains a testament to their resolve in challenging industry giants for the greater good.

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First Published Date: 01 Jan, 15:00 IST