This engineer did what Apple still hasn’t – a USB-C AirPods

    Ken Pillonel, the engineer who did a USB-C transplant on his iPhone, has now done the same for his AirPods. Here is all you need to know.

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    | Updated on: Jul 21 2022, 14:19 IST
    AirPods with USB-C
    An engineer recently modified his AirPods case with a USB-C port (Exploring the Simulation via YouTube)
    AirPods with USB-C
    An engineer recently modified his AirPods case with a USB-C port (Exploring the Simulation via YouTube)

    Apple has not been too eager to embrace the USB-C port on its iPhone and accessories yet. While the eggheads at Cupertino are now bound to do it following the new EU regulations, one engineer took it upon himself to show Apple how you can “USB-C-fy” Apple products. Ken Pillonel, an engineer by profession, had earlier taken an old iPhone X and ripped out its Lightning port for a universally acceptable USB-C port. He later did a weird transplant of giving a Samsung phone the Lightning port. He is now back with a similar project but it involves the AirPods this time.

    Pillonel took it upon himself to take out the Lightning port from the AirPods case and replace it with a USB-C port. It may sound easy but you should know that Apple itself recommends replacing an entire AirPods case instead of trying to repair it. Hence, this project involved designing custom parts for the AirPods, especially ones that could be repaired in the future.

    Man gives Apple AirPods USB-C port

    Pillonel says that AirPods batteries are easier to find and can be replaced. However, the USB-C port arrangement isn't available anywhere and needed to be developed specifically. Another issue with this project was the ability to get access to the AirPods case, which if he tried to open would have been destroyed.

    Hence, Pillonel had to eventually design a separate AirPods case and build it in a way so that he could access it in the future. Granted this is too much just to have the USB-C port but this kit by Pillonel lets you make the process a tad easier. For those who want to keep their old AirPods alive, this gives us a hope.

    However, based on the latest rumours, it seems that Apple may be giving the next-gen AirPods Pro Gen 2 the USB-C charging port. The USB-C charging port is also expected to make it to the iPhone probably by 2023. At the moment, Apple only offers the USB-C port on its AirPods Max. The iPad range, expect for the base level iPad, rely on the USB-C port.

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    First Published Date: 21 Jul, 14:19 IST
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