5 ways how 'Shortcuts' app makes your iPhone more powerful

There can be several things that can be done using this in an iPhone. And we are here to exactly tell you how useful can it be.

| Updated on: Dec 20 2020, 17:57 IST
Apple iPhone
Apple iPhone (Unsplash)
Apple iPhone
Apple iPhone (Unsplash)

Most of you must have seen the ‘Shortcuts' app on your iPhones but might not be using it, thinking that you don't need it. As it turns out, this app is one of the most useful features in an iPhone. And as the name suggests, it gives you ‘Shortcuts' to several features without searching for it and wasting your precious seconds. There can be several things that can be done using this in an iPhone. And we are here to exactly tell you how useful can it be. So, these are the 10 best ways in which you can use the shortcuts app on your Apple iPhone.

Searching and sharing Gifs easily

In case you're one of those who chats a lot on WhatsApp or Messenger or any other instant messaging platform, you can use the ‘Search GIPHY and Share' feature in Shortcuts. This lets you simply type the word, get the GIFs related to it and directly share it on any platform that you like.

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Make a playlist of your favourite songs 

Using the ‘Make Top 25 Playlist' feature in Shortcuts, you can create a playlist of your most listened track in your Music app. This widget auto-generates a playlist of what it thinks are the top tracks in your profile.

DND till you leave that location

Move your phone go into silence mode until you leave a location using the ‘DND Until I Leave' feature in Shortcuts. You can put your iPhone to DND mode at once instead of scrolling through those Settings menu. One tap on the feature will turn on the mode until you physically leave that current location.

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Make a quick reminder or a shopping list

Using ‘Remind Me at Work' feature in Shortcuts, you can get a reminder about certain things when you hit a pre-selected workplace. So, for instance if you set your workplace to a grocery store and add your shopping list, the feature will remind you about the items that you need to buy when it detects you in that location.

Quickly tell someone your ETA

On the tap of a button, you can tell someone when you will be reaching a location, in Shortcuts. The ‘Home ETA' feature simply takes your current location; calculates how far you are from the pre-selected address and calculates the time when you will reach that location. This is then messaged to the pre-selected contact automatically. All just in one tap.

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First Published Date: 20 Dec, 17:57 IST
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