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High-res image generation AI tool: No need for subscription, high-end PC, check out DemoFusion

University of Surrey introduces DemoFusion, a game-changing AI tool, democratising high-res image creation without costly subscriptions or powerful computers.

| Updated on: Dec 11 2023, 16:27 IST
New Microsoft Teams features rolled out - know how you can collaborate effectively
AI image generation tool
1/5 Microsoft believes that the introduction of AI in the workplace brings several benefits in terms of saving time and enhancing creativity, productivity, content and team collaboration. Keeping this in mind, Microsoft had announced new AI features for Microsoft Teams which aim to “revolutionize the way users work and communicate” (Microsoft )
AI image generation tool
2/5 Copilot in meetings and Whiteboard: Starting 2024, Copilot will have the ability to create participants' spoken ideas into visuals. It will be able to organize and create visuals of discussions in the Teams Whiteboard which can also be shared with all the meeting participants. It will also have the ability to suggest ideas and help teams collaborate on the Whiteboard. (Microsoft )
AI image generation tool
3/5 Copilot in Collaborative Notes: Copilot during team meetings can take live notes so the participants can focus on the discussions without getting distracted by creating notes manually. Copilot will be able to create real-time collaborative notes for the participants which can also be shared.  (Microsoft )
AI image generation tool
4/5 Intelligent recap integration with Copilot: The Intelligent recap is now integrated with Colipot which enables users to get a summarised form of the whole meeting discussions. With Colipot, users will be able to ask specific questions about the meeting to clear their doubts or the points they have missed. Additionally, it will provide a summary of key points, action items, and decisions.  (Microsoft)
AI image generation tool
5/5 Custom channel announcement background: Channels are a space where teams can share workplace knowledge. Now with custom backgrounds, users will be able to create personalized announcement backgrounds with images and descriptions. If you do not have the time to create announcements from scratch, then worry not because AI will do it for you and provide you with a creative backdrop. (Microsoft)
AI image generation tool
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University of Surrey's DemoFusion AI tool generates high-res image generation without hefty costs to users. (Pixabay)

Every professional, student, and more is taking to AI tools with gusto. And why not? After all, getting AI to serve you as your personal assistant is just what the doctor ordered to lower stress levels and extended hours spent bent over a desk. AI tools are definitely a blessing for all those who have jobs to do and assignments to submit. So, if you are looking for an AI tool too that can generate high-resolution images, without the requirement of a hefty investment and resources, then we have your back. You can look at some of these tools provided by centralised services, but access depends on payment. But not everyone can, or wants, to pay for these services. Breaking free from this problem, a groundbreaking AI tool developed by the University of Surrey is set to transform the narrative, making high-resolution image generation accessible to a broader audience. Meet, DemoFusion.

DemoFusion is a pioneering model designed to democratise cutting-edge technology and that means you can access its services without the need for costly subscriptions or powerhouse computers. DemoFusion, now publicly available, aims to enrich lives by providing universal access to advanced AI image generation. In fact, DemoFusion operates seamlessly on simple consumer-grade devices. .

DemoFusion's User-Friendly Interface

Essentially a plug-and-play extension of the open-source Stable Diffusion XL (SDXL) model, DemoFusion takes image resolution to new heights, offering a 4x, 16x, or even higher without the need for extensive coding or additional training. The only compromise, as acknowledged by the development team, is a bit of added patience, about six minutes, as tested by TNW.

From Low-Res to Brilliance

The innovative approach involves generating low-resolution images initially, followed by a progressive upscaling process to enhance detail and resolution using the SDXL model. Professor Yi-Zhe Song, the mind behind this breakthrough, highlighted the significance of the technique for the TheNextWeb by saying, "For the first time, our unique technique lets users enhance their AI-generated images without the need for vast computing power or any re-training of the model."

Professor Song further emphasised the democratisation of digital art and imagery, envisioning a world where everyone, not just wealthy corporations, can harness this powerful medium.

Whether DemoFusion will stand shoulder to shoulder with giants like OpenAI's DALL-E remains to be seen. Nonetheless, its creation marks a pivotal stride towards unlocking the full potential of AI-driven image generation for the public and the broader tech community. The online availability of the technique is outlined in the paper titled "DemoFusion: Democratising High-Resolution Image Generation with No $$$."

How it is done

In its abstract, DemoFusion reveals, "Our novel DemoFusion framework seamlessly extends open-source GenAI models, employing Progressive Upscaling, Skip Residual, and Dilated Sampling mechanisms to achieve higher-resolution image generation. The progressive nature of DemoFusion requires more passes, but the intermediate results can serve as “previews”, facilitating rapid prompt iteration."

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First Published Date: 11 Dec, 16:27 IST