This Reddit Keyword Research Tool will help you build powerful database, create precise content

Reddit is one of the biggest online forums and if you are trying to build a big database of trending keywords, then this Reddit Keyword Research Tool will help you in both curation as well as creation of targeted content.

| Updated on: Aug 28 2023, 16:36 IST
Know all about Reddit Keyword Research Tool. (Bloomberg)
Know all about Reddit Keyword Research Tool. (Bloomberg)

Building a powerful and efficient database for keywords is both time-consuming and expensive. But whether you are a blogger, online content creator, or a website owner, there is no alternative to it, especially if you want to grow organically. But if you are not in a position to spend a lot of time or pay a fortune for a database, there are a few ways you can still create a database. While one popular option is Google Trends, it rarely gives you a grassroots-level understanding of the topics being discussed or the context behind them. Similarly, the X (formerly Twitter) trending section may also help you but you'd be limited to the popular items and will not be able to understand the niche keywords. So, what's the solution? We have found that this Reddit Keyword Research Tool can be a powerful option for extracting keywords, understanding their context, and exploring niche keywords. Let us take a look.

This tool only uses Reddit to extract keywords. However, that is not a bad thing. Reddit is one of the biggest online forums and ranks among the top ten social media platforms. The platform caters to millions of users who engage in subreddits, which are community-specific boards. With users constantly discussing topical and trending topics, it can help you gain almost real-time access to keywords. However, you will have to exercise caution in understanding static vs. dynamic keywords.

How Reddit Keyword Research Tool works

First, to access this tool, you can simply click here. It is a very minimalistic website and is quite easy to navigate. All you need to do is type the name of the subreddit in the text field and select it from the auto-generated list below. Once done, you can just press search and you will see a list of keywords alongside the monthly search volume and the context. This is a very comprehensive way to know the keywords, find the volume, and understand the exact context behind it to uncover even more keywords as well as find out the right way to use the keywords.

But like with all search engine optimization (SEO) tools, you have to remember that it will give you some completely irrelevant results, that you will have to mechanically sort through. For this, it will be beneficial if it is read by someone who understands the content you are focusing on.

Key points to remember

There are some important points that you need to know before you go exploring the tool. First, if the subreddit you're looking for doesn't come up in the auto-suggest list, it's too small (<10,000 subscribers) for the tool to pick keywords from. Along the same vein, subreddits with lots of comments tend to have more keywords than less active ones.

Second, and lastly, the website has also given an explanation for where the search volume comes from. According to it, the keyword volumes come from Grepwords, a keyword volume tool. If you do not fancy this tool, you have the option to export the keywords and then run it through your favorite keyword volume tool.

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First Published Date: 28 Aug, 16:06 IST