US Government hiding ‘UFO evidence’, whistleblower claims backed by Congressman

A US Congressman, Tim Burchett, believes in a whistleblower's claims that the government is covering up evidence of alien spacecraft (UFO).

| Updated on: Jul 09 2023, 15:30 IST
NUKE the Moon! Secret space plan of the US Govt against UFO threat revealed
UFO evidence
1/5 The plan to nuke the moon never materialized. If it did, it would have involved blasting the lunar crust and mantle using thermonuclear weapons. According to the documents examined by Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program officials, the mission’s objective was to look for “extremely lightweight metals”. (NASA)
UFO evidence
2/5 Reports claim Creating a tunnel in the moon would’ve helped examine if a negative mass existed. To shatter lunar rocks, “explosive lens” would have been required and the tunnel’s construction would have been done using ceramic. (NASA)
UFO evidence
3/5 Officials said “Making a tunnel through the moon, provided there is a good supply of negative mass, could revolutionize interstellar space flight.” Researchers say the negative matter formed a material that was as strong as steel but 100,000 times lighter and it could be used to build spacecraft. This spacecraft would have required much less energy for space travel. (AFP)
UFO evidence
4/5 According to The Sun, this is not the first time the US has considered bombing the Moon with nuclear weapons. A top-secret project, termed Project A119, was drawn up amid the Cold War to gain advantage in the Space Race. (NASA)
UFO evidence
5/5 The US would have risked a war if it had gone ahead with its plans to nuke the moon. There are also claims that US Department of Defense officials considered development of cloaking technology as well as hyperspace travel. The documents containing this information were released to The Sun after a Freedom of Information Act request in December 2017. (NASA)
UFO evidence
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Congressman claims US Government is hiding UFO evidence. (Pixabay)

A US Congressman, Tim Burchett, believes in a whistleblower's claims that the government is covering up evidence of alien spacecraft (UFO). The whistleblower, David Charles Grusch, a former analyst at the Department of Defense, stated in an interview that the government possesses physical evidence of intact and partially intact alien vehicles but is withholding it from Congress, the Metro reports.

Representative Burchett supports the whistleblower's claims and suggests that the government has been hiding such evidence since the infamous Roswell incident in 1947, and possibly even earlier. He believes that the government is deliberately concealing information, pointing out that many witnesses, including qualified pilots and astronauts, have come forward with their own experiences. However, the relevant information is often compartmentalized and inaccessible to those who could connect the dots.

The US government has denied Grusch's allegations. Whenever discussions involve unidentified anomalous phenomena (UAP), commonly known as UFOs, the government rarely comments, citing national security reasons.

He dismisses the idea that UAPs are of Russian or Chinese origin, asserting that they would have a significant advantage if that were the case.

In May, NASA's independent study group on UAPs presented their initial findings, which included a video showing a metallic, spherical orb flying over a desert in the Middle East. However, the panel did not provide a conclusive explanation for the object. The evidence was inconclusive.

The Roswell incident, referenced by Congressman Burchett, involved the recovery of metallic and rubber debris in Roswell, New Mexico, in 1947. Initially, the Army Air Field personnel issued a press release stating that they had found part of a "flying disc." However, they later retracted the statement, suggesting instead that it was a weather balloon.

NASA's ongoing quest for extraterrestrial life

NASA is actively engaged in the search for extraterrestrial life, a primary objective of the agency. Despite extensive exploration efforts, NASA has not discovered credible evidence of life beyond Earth. However, through its astrobiology program, NASA focuses on understanding the origins, evolution, and prevalence of life in the universe. Various missions investigate the presence of water on Mars, explore potentially habitable moons like Titan and Europa, and analyze atmospheres of neighboring planets and exoplanets for signs of life. NASA remains committed to the pursuit of unmistakable indications of life elsewhere in the cosmos.

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First Published Date: 09 Jul, 15:24 IST