When will the Chandrayaan-3 land? Know the date, time, and the latest update

The Chandrayaan-3 mission is getting close to the Moon. But what is the date and time of its landing? Know the latest update.

| Updated on: Aug 11 2023, 21:01 IST
Around August 16, the spacecraft is expected to get even closer and be about 100 km above the Moon. (AP)
Around August 16, the spacecraft is expected to get even closer and be about 100 km above the Moon. (AP)

The most anticipated space mission of India, Chandrayaan- 3, is expected to land on the surface of the Moon on August 23. India's Chandrayaan-3 mission is going well as it circles around the Moon with the aim of eventually landing on it. It was launched from India's space center on July 14, 2023, and has successfully moved into the Moon's orbit and is getting closer to its surface. Since it is very close to the landing date, let us take a look at the latest update on the mission.

The latest update on Chandrayaan-3

Right now, Chandrayaan-3 is about 1,437 km away from the Moon. The team at ISRO, the Indian Space Research Organisation, has been guiding the spacecraft to do different maneuvers to make sure it moves in the right direction. One important maneuver was taken on August 5, when Chandrayaan-3 entered the Moon's orbit.

Soon, around August 16, the spacecraft is expected to get even closer and be about 100 km above the lunar surface. At that point, the part that helps the spacecraft move, called the Propulsion Module, will separate from the rover. This will prepare the spacecraft for its final landing, which will happen a little later.

Chandrayaan-3 has two main goals: First, to show that it can land safely and gently on the Moon, and second, to use a small rover for about 14 Earth days, which is equal to one lunar day. The rover is light, weighing only 26 kilograms. It will do scientific tests to learn about the Moon's origin, its rocks, and their composition, and analyze the environment.

The journey so far

Once it finished circling the Earth five times after the launch, the spacecraft changed course to head towards the Moon. On August 14, the next important task is to lower the spacecraft's orbit even more. If this goes well, Chandrayaan-3 will be a big achievement for India's space efforts, putting them in the group of countries that have safely landed on the Moon.

This mission is also a great example of India's smart spending on space projects. It cost around 600 crore, which is much less than what other countries spend. The head of ISRO, S Somanath, is confident about the mission because they've learned from past missions and made changes to make sure things go smoothly this time.

It has been smooth sailing for the Chandrayaan-3 so far and ISRO is optimistic about the Vikram lander's upcoming soft landing on the lunar surface, scheduled for August 23. Chandrayaan-3 successfully achieved lunar orbit entry after a 22-day journey, embarking on a complex mission to explore the uncharted lunar south pole.

All the hard work and research will pay off, once the Chandrayaan-3 lands the moon.

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First Published Date: 11 Aug, 18:06 IST