Wordle 303 Answer for April 18: Check Wordle hints, clues and solution today- cut through the confusion

Wordle 303 Answer for April 18: Beware! Today’s Wordle may confuse you somewhat. Check Wordle hints, clues and solutions to save your winning streak.

| Updated on: Aug 22 2022, 11:42 IST
Wordle 303 Answer for April 18: Guessing the word in the wild? Use these hints and clues to solve it faster. (Pixabay)
Wordle 303 Answer for April 18: Guessing the word in the wild? Use these hints and clues to solve it faster. (Pixabay)

Wordle 303 Answer for April 18, 2022: The world of Wordle is full of uncertainties, but above all it is fun! No one knows which wild guess can make you crack the word puzzle, whether it will be in the first attempt or the 6th one! Maybe never! That's scary for sure! No one likes to lose their winning streak. There is always this uncertainty factor… the complexity of the word itself! After yesterday's AMPLE, this week has started with something that surely needs all your knack to come up with the right word. The reason is simple, today's word may confuse you and make you meander around looking for words that are similar to today's Wordle answer! That means there is a chance that your limited chances may get exhausted! But as usual, to save your winning streak and help you out of a difficult situation we are here with Wordle 303 hints and clues. The answer itself is provided at the end.

Wordle 303 hints for April 18, 2022

This space is dedicated to help you with the Wordle hints today. Yesterday's word was a bit unusual to guess, and so is the case today. You will need to think deeply around the given clues below to reach your goal. Well, your instincts can work too (that was a clue!) Without beating about the bush, let's start with today's Wordle clues to get an ‘ALL GREEN' row. All clues for Wordle 303 are below.

Wordle 303 hints today

1. The word starts with F.

2. Vowel Tip? You have two vowels in today's word.

3. Both the vowels are placed together.

4. There is no repetition of any letter.

5. Biggest clue: Second part of the word means ‘wind'!

That's it! It will surely help you to guess the word right, especially the last one! Hope our Wordle hints and clues have helped to save your winning streak. But if by chance, you couldn't reach your Green zone today, so don't worry, we are revealing this Wordle 303 answer here for you.

Wordle 303 Answer for April 18, 2022

Still trying? Then don't read further! Because we are about to reveal today's Wordle 303 answer for you. This section may ruin your efforts to guess the word right on your own. However, if you end up losing all your chances then go on to check the Wordle answer which is right here after this.

The Wordle 303 answer is FLAIR. which means 'natural ability to do something well' or 'a situation in which something is done in an exciting and interesting way'. We told you, you need to have the ‘knack' to guess it right!

Hope tomorrow's Wordle 304 will be good for you. We will be back with Wordle 304 hints, clues, and of course the answer!

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First Published Date: 18 Apr, 07:51 IST