Xiaomi to steal Samsung’s thunder with its own foldable phone

Xiaomi’s concept foldable phone folds outwardly from a tablet into a smartphone. Xiaomi is expected to launch its foldable phone at the upcoming MWC 2019.

Xiaomi’s foldable phone is a tablet first and can be folded out to a smartphone.
Xiaomi’s foldable phone is a tablet first and can be folded out to a smartphone. (Xiaomi/Weibo)

After Samsung, Xiaomi has now confirmed its foldable phone. In a short video, Xiaomi President Lin Bin is seen using the foldable phone. There were rumours afloat of the Chinese company working on a foldable phone.

The 51-second video posted on Weibo has already garnered 2.1 million views. According to the translated text, the device is dubbed Xiaomi Dual Flex or Mi Flex. Xiaomi's foldable phone when opened fully is rectangle shaped with MIUI running on it. Lin Bin then turns the phone to landscape mode and folds it from both sides.

Xiaomi Dual Flex or Mi Flex folds on both sides outwardly and turns the device into a normal smartphone. While the phone is folded, the screen at the back is still lit but only the front is functional. The power button is placed at the top of the foldable phone.

Lin Bin's post also has an announcement on the foldable phone. He says that Xiaomi has made the world's first double folding device which gives the experience of a tablet and mobile phone. He also says that if the foldable phone sees popularity, Xiaomi may consider mass producing it in the future.

Xiaomi among other companies had been rumoured of working on a foldable phone. Earlier this month, a video with a very similar looking device with the same functionality was shared by Evan Blass. This foldable phone was said to be of Xiaomi's.

Xiaomi is also expected to unveil its foldable phone and give more details about it at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) next month. Xiaomi is hosting an event on February 24 where it will most likely unveil its 5G smartphone as well.