GTA 6 launch: 5 things inspired by San Andreas that fans want | Gaming News

GTA 6 launch: 5 things inspired by San Andreas that fans want

GTA 6 launch: Fans are buzzing with excitement for GTA 6, hoping it'll incorporate beloved roleplaying features from GTA San Andreas. Here are five elements they're eager to see return in the upcoming game.

| Updated on: Apr 23 2024, 08:33 IST
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GTA 6 launch: 5 things inspired by San Andreas that fans want
1/5 Clock Tower Vantage Point: Situated on the west side of Los Santos, the Clock Tower offers players a unique vantage point overlooking the entire city. Accessible via air transport, players can climb ladders to reach the topmost level, providing a 360-degree view perfect for strategic shooting and cover against air vehicles. The functioning clock adds a realistic touch to the experience, enhancing the immersive world of GTA 5. (unsplash)
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2/5 Los Santos Airport Bunker: This hidden bunker at Los Santos airport provides a secluded location for players to hide or evade authorities. Accessed either through a roof hatch or back doors, the bunker contains interactive elements like vending machines and a water cooler. Despite being labeled "Authorized Personnel Only," it offers a curious space that hints at potential narrative integration, contributing to the intrigue of exploration. (unsplash)
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3/5 Hidden Mine: Located in the mountainous region of the map, the secret mine tunnel presents an expansive and mysterious environment. Accessible by detonating wooden doors, players encounter a network of tunnels branching off in different directions. Discovering a dead body triggers the "Murder Mystery" side mission, adding depth to the exploration experience and unlocking game enhancements like camera filters. (unsplash)
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4/5 Large Hotel Swimming Pool: Concealed within a central Los Santos hotel, the large swimming pool offers an unexpected oasis for players to enjoy. Accessed through the hotel's interior, the area features elegant design elements and palm trees, providing a picturesque backdrop for shooting scenarios in GTA Online. Its visibility from above adds to its allure as a hidden gem within the city. (unsplash)
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5/5 Secret Cave Bunker: Located on a remote island in the Pacific Ocean, this hidden bunker offers a secluded underground facility guarded by mercenaries and FBI agents. Accessible via water transport, players discover a garage-like base with various vehicles on display. Further exploration reveals a clandestine meeting area with sophisticated furnishings, adding to the intrigue of this covert location. (unsplash)
GTA 6 launch: 5 things inspired by San Andreas that fans want
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GTA 6 release: Discover 5 features from GTA San Andreas that fans hope to see in the highly anticipated GTA 6. (Rockstar Games)

As excitement grows for the next instalment of Grand Theft Auto, GTA 6, fans are eagerly compiling wishlists, with a common demand for more immersive roleplaying features similar to those present in the popular GTA San Andreas. The rise of GTA RP communities highlights the demand for richer roleplaying experiences within the GTA universe. Here are five key features from San Andreas that players are hoping to see in GTA 6. 

1. GTA 6: Enhanced Weapon Skills

GTA San Andreas introduced a dynamic weapon skill system where proficiency with firearms improved through consistent use. This feature not only added depth to gameplay but also provided advantages in combat scenarios. From dual-wielding to reduced recoil, mastering weapons became a rewarding aspect of the game, amplifying immersion. GTA 6 would benefit from a similar system, offering players a more nuanced approach to combat.

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2. GTA 6: Extensive Character Customisation

One of the hallmarks of GTA San Andreas was its robust character customisation options. Players could tailor CJ's appearance with a plethora of clothing, hairstyles, and tattoos, allowing for diverse roleplaying experiences. Whether dressing as a gang member or a business mogul, the level of personalisation was unparalleled. GTA 6 should aim to replicate this depth, providing players with the freedom to craft unique personas.

3. GTA 6: Fitness and Gyms

The inclusion of gyms in GTA San Andreas added a layer of realism rarely seen in open-world games. Players could sculpt CJ's physique through weightlifting and cardio exercises, affecting his abilities in-game. This level of detail contributed to immersion and could greatly enhance the roleplaying aspect of GTA 6 if reintroduced.

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4. GTA 6: Special Statistics

Respect and Sex Appeal were integral components of CJ's journey in GTA San Andreas. Earning respect through gang activities and managing sex appeal through attire and vehicles added depth to character progression. GTA 6 could utilise similar mechanics to further immerse players in the game world.

5. GTA 6: Vehicle Skills

In GTA San Andreas, driving skills improved over time, affecting how vehicles handled. From smoother turns to advanced manoeuvres, mastering vehicle skills was rewarding. Implementing a similar system in GTA 6 would not only enhance gameplay but also add another layer of immersion.

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As fans eagerly await GTA 6, adding these role-playing features from GTA San Andreas might take the game experience to new heights. With the perfect mix of nostalgia and creativity, Rockstar Games has the potential to make a genuinely memorable sequel.

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First Published Date: 22 Apr, 11:57 IST