Looking for Wordle answer today? Top tips and tricks to turn you into the master of the game

    If you are stuck trying to find Wordle answers, then these tips and tricks can help you out. Check now.

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    | Updated on: Aug 22 2022, 10:25 IST
    Looking for the Wordle answer today? Try these tricks to find the answer by yourself. (HT Tech)
    Looking for the Wordle answer today? Try these tricks to find the answer by yourself. (HT Tech)

    Wordle is ruling the social media space with users sharing screenshots of their scores while others less fortunate than them, express their disappointment at missing out. So much so that Wordle answer today has become the hottest topic on Earth! The word-guessing game is attracting millions of players, but it is not an easy task finding the correct answers despite the fact that Wordle provides hints with its color coded boxes. So, what is it exactly that makes a Wordle pro? Guessing power and luck? Not really. It is the extent of your vocabulary and strategy, of course! If you can conjure up this lethal combination, you can crack the problem. To make things easier for you, here we have listed a few Wordle tips and tricks and if you learn them, you too can be a Wordle pro.

    Wordle Tips and Tricks

    Start with Vowels

    It simply means start with a word that has the maximum vowels. There are only 5 vowels but using a word that carries most of the vowels enhances the chances of guessing the correct alphabets and narrowing down the options. For example, 'Audio', 'Adieu', 'Aisle', or you can pick your own favourite vowel-carrier word to bring your Wordle game on the right track. Well, you could even try a, e, i, o, u, just for the fun of it!

    Your statistics might have hidden strategies for you

    Everyone has their own tricks to crack the Wordle. And surprisingly, only you can tell what needs to change in your Wordle strategy. How? Your Wordle statistics can help you improve your game which shows the number of games you have played, percentage of wins, current streak and the longest streak. What you need to do is to focus on the guess distribution, and check if your first-word strategy is working in the right direction or not. If you are losing most of the time, then you have the answer. It's to make amendments in the first attempt of your Wordle game.

    Most used-letters

    Familiarise yourself with the most used letters in the English language like E, A, T, R, S, I, O and N. Use them frequently. Try not to use the least common used letters Q, Z, J, X, and V.

    US English vs British English

    Just remember that Wordle is owned by an American newspaper- The New York Times. Therefore, chances are high that it will almost always use American English spelling for various words, for instance, color (US) for colour (British). However, you might also have to be wary of the developers unleashing a British slang word on you that only Englishmen would know about, or perhaps Australians. For instance, 'Bloke'.

    Letters that go together

    In case you have read a lot of books, you will know that certain letters go together in words. So, in case you come across the same while doing Wordle, try and think whether any will prove to be a fit. For instance 'EA' frequently going together. Then there are 'QU'. To a lesser extent, there are 'CU'.

    Start with your favourite pick-up word

    Choose your favourite vowel-enriched word? Now start daily with this particular word. Though, this doesn't guarantee you success but helps you to eliminate the alphabets for the second guess.

    Well, take baby steps first and then try to walk before you start running! And don't forget, the ultimate aim of the game is to learn new words daily, whether it is Caulk or Bloke, or whatever!

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