Elyments app OTP verification fails, fix still not available

Elyments app has crossed 1 million downloads on Google Play Store but users are unable to use it as OTP verification isn't working.

Elyments app is the latest homegrown app in India.
Elyments app is the latest homegrown app in India. (Elyments)

Vice President Venkaiah Naidu yesterday launched a new local social media app called ‘Elyments’. The app already has over 1 million downloads on Google Play Store. Users are however unable to register on the app.

Several users have posted on Twitter complaining about issues with the Elyments app. One of the most commonly reported issues is the failure for OTPs to generate. The app requires the user’s phone number for registration and an OTP is sent to that number. But many users aren’t receiving the OTP.

Since the OTP is not generating, users cannot register on the app at all. There seems to be no fix for this issue by the Elyments team as yet since users are still complaining about it even at the time of writing this story. The app skyrocketed especially given the fact that there is a big push to adopt homegrown apps. But it looks like the Elyments app still needs some work done.

Elyments was launched by Vice President Venkaiah Naidu who said that the app has been developed by over 1 thousand IT professionals. The app comes with a camera feature that has built-in filters and augmented reality (AR) characters. It also has messaging and group chatting capabilities.

Moreover, the app will offer news updates about a variety of topics from across the country. It is also available in eight Indian languages.