I will not buy the iPhone 6S no matter what

Here’s an honest confession: I once owned an iPhone 4. For all of two days. Because that’s all it took for me to return to good old Android smartphones.

| Updated on: Sep 10 2015, 16:24 IST
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Here's an honest confession: I once owned an iPhone 4. For all of two days. Because that's all it took for me to return to good old Android smartphones.

Yeah the scrolling was super smooth but fiddling with that tiny screen was just a little too much for me. (Yes, Apple fanboys, I know the iPhone 6 has a larger screen but I've been using Android phones with 5" screens for years now.)

And the fact that I couldn't just use any old cable or charger with the iPhone was quite irritating too.

But the thing that really got my goat was the realisation that a lot of the money I paid for that darned iPhone was just for the brand name Apple. Otherwise there was little that the iPhone did that an Android phone couldn't do (and most of the times, do better).

In fact, there is nothing about the iPhone (other than the retina display and metal body) that suggests it's includes top quality materials. There are new Android smartphones from upstarts like Xiaomi that have a better build quality than the iPhones.

Apple did everyone a favour by coming up with the brilliant idea of combining a mobile phone with a camera and a music player. But it was a given that other electronics firms would latch on to the idea and come up with better smartphones, and once Google came up with the Android OS, those devices really came of age.

At a very basic level, iPhones sucked on so many counts. Like that teensy keyboard, which (till recently) only displayed only capital letters and still offers no feature similar to the swipe option on my Android phone that lets me type much faster.

And for such a primo product, the iPhone still has no FM radio! The look on my wife's face when she recently discovered that her prized iPhone (bought much against my advice) wouldn't let her listen to radio broadcasts was priceless.

By the way, what's with Apple's silly rule about making iPhones with only limited amounts of internal storage and upping the price with increase in storage capacity? Some may argue the 16 GB or 32 GB that comes with iPhones is enough for their needs but there are others who want the option of having additional memory in the form of Micro SD cards.

Every iteration of the Android OS has brought many improvements and allowed Android smartphones to get better on just about front, including security features for logging in and voice capabilities. And if you want smartphones with killer apps and features at competitive prices (key for a market like India), the action is all in the Android segment.

So I fail to understand all the hype and excitement among my colleagues about the Apple event..... Maybe Apple will announce a phone with artificial intelligence or some other feature of equal import but I won't be among the folks who line up outside Apple stores for days to but the next iPhone.

(The views expressed by the writer are personal. He tweets as @Rezhasan)

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First Published Date: 07 Sep, 12:59 IST
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