Safer Internet Day: 3 essential privacy tips every Android user should know

Here’s how you can keep your data private and secure from vulnerabilities.

Safer Internet Day is celebrated to spread awareness of the safe and responsible use of  online technology
Safer Internet Day is celebrated to spread awareness of the safe and responsible use of online technology (AP)

'Safer Internet Day' is being celebrated on February 6 globally. This day is dedicated to spreading awareness about safe and responsible use of 'online technology'.

Google is celebrating Safer Internet Day in India with a small initiative which can be followed by first-timers and experienced internet users alike. Google's public safety initiative #SecurityCheckKiya involves three steps to carry out to make sure your online activities are safe.

These actions are for Android users in India, and the information will be available on Google's home page for everyone to see. You can follow these simple steps to keep your Android device in check.


You can check if your Gmail account is safe and secure from any vulnerability. You can do so by running a Security Check of your Gmail account on desktop and mobile. Desktop users can follow these steps - My Account > Sign-in & Security > Security Check.

For those using Gmail on mobile can follow these steps which can be found on the app. Tap the menu button and go to Settings > ID > My Account > Sign-in & Security > Security Check.

Google Play Protect

Google Play Protect, an initiative started last November keeps all your apps in check. This feature is available through Google Play Store. You will find it under the Settings menu in the app. This feature is set by default and refreshes time to time. It essentially scans your device to see if the apps downloaded are safe from vulnerabilities.

Find My Device

You will first need to download this app on your Android device. Find My Device keeps a track of your devices linked with your Gmail account. It locates the present location of your devices. In addition to this, Find My Device also comes with two features.

One includes playing sound to locate your device if you've misplace it. The other lets you set a personalised lock screen message so that whoever finds your device can return it to you.