Track your PC energy costs with this Windows 11 smart feature soon

Windows 11's upcoming smart feature aims to help users save energy and money by monitoring power usage on desktop PCs.

| Updated on: Jul 21 2023, 11:17 IST
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Windows 11
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Windows 11 may have a smart feature to help you save money on energy bills. (Microsoft )

In an upcoming update for Windows 11, Microsoft is set to introduce a groundbreaking feature that could potentially revolutionize the way users monitor and manage power consumption on their desktop PCs. Spotted in the latest preview build (from the Dev channel), the feature, though currently hidden away, promises to shed light on the energy usage of your PC on a daily basis, along with per-app power consumption data.

The discovery was made by the Windows "detective" on Twitter known as PhantomOfEarth, who used ViVeTool, a Windows configuration utility, to unearth this hidden functionality. While the feature is still a work in progress and may not be entirely reliable in its current state, its potential implications are captivating, according to a Techradar report.

From battery usage to comprehensive energy monitoring

The most notable change is the transformation of the existing Battery Usage panel into a more comprehensive Energy (& Battery) Usage panel. This upgrade will not only cater to laptop users and their battery levels but also provide valuable insights into the power usage of desktop PCs. Users will now have the ability to track energy consumption at both the system level and individual application level. By doing so, users can easily identify energy-hogging software and make necessary adjustments to optimize their energy usage.

An environmentally responsible computing experience

While the feature is still in development and displays placeholder readings, it is expected to evolve into a fully functional and informative tool. With the world's growing concern over environmental impact and energy conservation, Microsoft's move to empower users with the ability to measure and reduce their PC's carbon footprint is commendable.

AI Integration

In the future, this feature could potentially be integrated into Microsoft's AI project, allowing users to request AI assistance in optimizing their energy usage further. Imagine being able to ask your AI assistant, "Copilot, help me save energy on this PC," and receiving a set of useful recommendations based on the data collected from the Energy (& Battery) Usage panel.

Although the feature is not yet ready for public release, its potential benefits make it a highly anticipated addition to Windows 11. By providing users with a comprehensive breakdown of their PC's power consumption, Microsoft aims to empower individuals to take control of their energy usage, make informed decisions, and potentially save money on their energy bills – even if only by a small margin.

As Windows 11 continues to evolve, this innovative feature promises to contribute significantly to a more energy-conscious and environmentally responsible computing experience. Users can eagerly look forward to its official debut in the near future.

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First Published Date: 21 Jul, 10:56 IST