Rockstar Games introduces Gallivanter Baller ST-D SUV to GTA Online in latest update | Gaming News

Rockstar Games introduces Gallivanter Baller ST-D SUV to GTA Online in latest update

Rev up your virtual engines as the Gallivanter Baller ST-D SUV makes its grand entrance into GTA Online with the latest Rockstar Games update.

| Updated on: Feb 16 2024, 16:12 IST
NASA's lunar mission tracking device: Know all about Laser Retroreflective Arrays
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1/5 NASA uses a smart but simple tracking device to keep track of lunar missions. The device is named Laser Retroreflective Array (LRA) which identifies the locations of lunar landers. NASA said, “ LRAs are inexpensive, small, and lightweight, allowing future lunar orbiters or landers to locate them on the Moon.” (NASA/ YouTube )
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2/5 According to the NASA report, The LRA is made up of a small aluminium hemisphere and has a 5 cm diameter. It weighs only 20 grams with 1.27 cm corner cube retroreflectors which are made up of fused silica glass. (NASA/ YouTube )
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4/5 Scientists can easily identify the distance between spacecraft by sending a laser beam from one retroreflector to another and then measuring the time it takes for the light to travel back to its starting point. These LRA’s work closely with orbiting satellites for navigation purposes just like a GPS.  (NASA/ YouTube )
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Get ready to hit the virtual streets of GTA Online in style with the Gallivanter Baller ST-D, now a permanent fixture in the ever-evolving world of Grand Theft Auto Online.

In the GTA Online latest update, Rockstar Games introduces the sleek Gallivanter Baller ST-D, a luxurious four-seater SUV that hits the streets of Los Santos. Priced at $1,715,000, this permanent addition to Legendary Motorsport brings a touch of British automotive excellence to players' virtual garages.

As part of The Chop Shop update, the Gallivanter Baller ST-D is not a fleeting addition. Unlike other drip-feed vehicles, players won't find themselves pressured to acquire this elegant ride hastily; they have the freedom to decide at their own pace.

Inspired by real-life vehicles like the Land Rover Range Rover series, the Gallivanter Baller ST-D SUV stands out with its fifth-generation overall design, fourth-generation headlights and D-pillar, and third-generation wheels and front bumper. This new variant of the Baller ST family expands the choices available to players cruising the streets of Los Santos.

GTA Online: Gallivanter Baller ST-D Features

Rockstar Games describes the Gallivanter Baller ST-D on the in-game website, highlighting its supercharged SUV appeal. With features like a Remote Control Unit and Missile Lock-On Jammer available for installation, it's a vehicle that's gaining popularity fast in the virtual world of GTA Online.

Performance-wise, the Gallivanter Baller ST-D can reach a top speed of 86.99 mph according to in-game files, though players should be aware that real-world road conditions may affect its actual performance. Compatible with Imani-Tech upgrades, this luxury SUV allows players to enhance their experience further by installing the Missile Lock-On Jammer.

Whether you're a GTA Online veteran or a newcomer to the streets of Los Santos, the Gallivanter Baller ST-D is now a permanent fixture, giving everyone ample time to make it their own in the ever-expanding world of virtual mayhem.

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First Published Date: 16 Feb, 16:12 IST