Take-Two Interactive's AI patent fuels GTA 6 speculation among fans about Rockstar's plans | Gaming News

Take-Two Interactive's AI patent fuels GTA 6 speculation among fans about Rockstar's plans

Take-Two Interactive's latest AI patent sparks a storm of inquisitive chatter among GTA 6 fans! It is fueling speculation about Rockstar's intent in the game's NPC behaviors.

| Updated on: Feb 15 2024, 17:38 IST
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Take-Two Interactive's AI patent sparks buzz among GTA 6 fans. Speculation rises on its role in NPC animations. (Rockstar Games)

As anticipation builds for the release of GTA 6, fans are delving into the realm of speculation fueled by a recently uncovered an AI-linked patent from Take-Two Interactive. The patent, which outlines a method for virtual navigation in a gaming environment, has ignited curiosity within the gaming community, particularly among those eager for more insights into the highly anticipated title.

Could AI Navigate the Intricate World of GTA 6 NPCs?

The excitement began with the release of the official GTA 6 trailer, where fans marveled at the unprecedented level of detail showcased. Desiring more information, enthusiasts have turned their attention to the Take-Two patent, contemplating its potential connection to the intricate NPC behaviors and animations witnessed in the debut trailer.

Fueling the speculation is the analysis of a user, @GTAVI_Countdown, who shared excerpts from the trailer, suggesting that the patented technology may be responsible for the nuanced NPC interactions. Instances such as an NPC filming on a mobile phone, beachgoers sharing drinks, and an individual soliciting money from passersby all contribute to the theory that this advanced AI system might be at play in GTA 6, Sportskeeda reported.

Take-Two Interactive's Array of Gaming Patents

While the connections drawn by fans are intriguing, it's crucial to note that no official confirmation has been provided regarding the application of this patent in GTA 6. Other patents from Take-Two Interactive, including those related to virtual character locomotion, have also been speculated to be linked to the upcoming title, though concrete evidence is yet to surface.

Drawing parallels to Rockstar's previous release, Red Dead Redemption 2, some fans point out similar behavioral patterns, adding depth to the speculation. However, readers are advised to approach these theories with caution and await official announcements from Rockstar or Take-Two Interactive. With GTA 6 slated for release in 2025, the veil of mystery surrounding the game's technological advancements is expected to be lifted as the launch date approaches.

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First Published Date: 15 Feb, 17:38 IST