Anti-snoring pillow to toilet paper robot: 5 crazy tech showcased at CES 2020

CES is home to futuristic tech but it’s also a major platform for wacky gadgets. Here’s 5 of the craziest tech showcased at this year’s CES.

| Updated on: Aug 20 2022, 18:51 IST
Food delivery cat robot, Bellabot by PuduTech.
Food delivery cat robot, Bellabot by PuduTech. (PuduTech)
Food delivery cat robot, Bellabot by PuduTech.
Food delivery cat robot, Bellabot by PuduTech. (PuduTech)

A gathering for the consumer technology industry, Consumer Electronics Show (CES) unveils some of the most startling next generation innovations that go on to redefine industries and provide next-gen solutions to a number of societal issues.

CES 2020 has also seen sex tech companies making their presence felt, a year after a vibrator had its award revoked on grounds of being immoral, indecent and obscene.

Of all the innovative tech that is showcased at CES, with some being stellar smartphones, home gadgets and brilliant televisions, there are yet others which are bizarre and wacky inventions that are both unusual and wonderful.

Here are few of the weirdest tech that have been showcased in CES 2020:

A food delivery cat robot

CES 2020 saw the unveiling of a food-delivery robot by Chinese company PuduTech. The robotic waiter is capable of delivering 10 kg of restaurant orders to customers. The robot, which has been described as a cute kitty by its makers, meows at customers while navigating its way through a restaurant. According to PuduTech, Bellabot purrs and reacts with pleasure when patrons scratch it behind its ears or pat it on the head.

An android Arnold Schwarzenegger

Russian robotics startup Promobot has revealed a new product named Android Robo-C -- an anthropomorphic office assistant to handle customer queries and help people interface with other gadgets. However, what makes Robo-C super weird is that it has one of the most recognizable faces in Hollywood -- that of Terminator actor Arnold Schwarzenegger.

A vibrator, which is also a trendy necklace

Is it a sex toy? Is it a piece of jewellery? Wait, it is both! Created by former Real Housewives of New York Star Carole Radziwill's Crave, the Vesper Vibrator Necklace is not only a trendy piece of wearable but also an adult toy to satisfy one's cravings. If you don't use it, flaunt it!

Charmin's RollBot that delivers toilet paper.
Charmin's RollBot that delivers toilet paper. (BusinessWire/YouTube)
image caption
Charmin's RollBot that delivers toilet paper. (BusinessWire/YouTube)

Toilet paper robot

At the loo and out of toilet paper? Charmin's RollBot is at your service. Instead of heading out of the privacy of the loo to grab a toilet roll from the cupboard, the RollBot can retrieve it for you. One just needs to connect it to the Bluetooth and summon it with the phone.

Motion Pillow showcased at CES 2020.
Motion Pillow showcased at CES 2020. (Motion Pillow)
image caption
Motion Pillow showcased at CES 2020. (Motion Pillow)

A pillow to stop snoring

Does your snoring partner keep you awake all night? The Motion Pillow that is showcased at the CES 2020, has been developed for anyone struggling with chronic snoring. The Solution Box detects, records, and analyzes your snoring patterns, inflating the airbag in the pillow to create a sleeping posture perfect for unimpeded nasal breathing.

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First Published Date: 10 Jan, 11:17 IST