Call of Duty Mobile to soon get Rust map: Basic tips, and what to expect

Call of Duty Mobile will soon add a new small-sized map. Here’s everything you need to know.

| Updated on: Aug 20 2022, 20:40 IST
A preview of the Rust map on Call of Duty Mobile
A preview of the Rust map on Call of Duty Mobile (Call of Duty Mobile)
A preview of the Rust map on Call of Duty Mobile
A preview of the Rust map on Call of Duty Mobile (Call of Duty Mobile)

Call of Duty Mobile is going to soon introduce a new map. Called Rust, Activision has released the snapshot and other details of the map. It's worth noting that Rust is a popular map from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.

Rust is a small-sized map set in oil yard in a desert. The map features a large central tower that overlooks the map and its elements. Players will have the ability to climb on the map. The main action, however, happens under a large pipeline. Users can expect most of the action around the oil derrick.

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"Lastly, the open west end features cover to the north and south, but is largely open to attack in the middle, save for a blue container offering a short, covered path along the middle edge. While the open sight lines mean fewer close-quarters surprises, this section is near open ground to enemies on the tower. Always, always check the tower," Activision said in a blog post.

Activision has also shared some basic tips to get started with the new Rust map.

- Use SMGs and shotguns to opponents running carelessly.

- Avoid the middle path to be seen in the cleared area.

- Get a better view since the map is small-sized

- Try to climb up the tower in order to have geographic advantage.

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- Learn the map as soon as possible. Also take advantage of the areas around the central tower.

- Use smoke grenades to escape the volatile areas fast.

- Mines and Hives can be used to keep your defence strong.

What you can do on Rust

Activision said that Rust will support Domination and Capture The Flag, a new addition in the season.

While Domination is fairly familiar to CoD players, Activision explains the Capture The Flag mode - "The aforementioned smoke grenade is a great tool in Capture the Flag, especially when you're on the attack. Cover your way in or your way out depending on where the enemy is most concentrated. The Tracker and Alert perks do well here, giving you a heads up to nearby enemies hoping to surprise you along the way. Expect a fight for the tower where defenders can cover routes from above. Join in or stick to the bottom of the tower to clear enemies from the middle."

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First Published Date: 27 Apr, 15:16 IST