Xtendr aims to help brands unlock Extended Reality

Meet Xtendr, a fresh startup that leverages cutting edge technologies such as AR, VR, and AI on its platform to help brands make most through connected packaging.

Xtendr  (Xtendr)

The likes of Amazon, Google, and Apple are betting big on Augmented Reality/Mixed Reality/Extended Reality. Already, we have seen the technology being used for education, leisure, industrial applications, and commerce. With such diverse applications and use cases, evidently the technology is yet to be fully unlocked. A Gurgaon-based startup aims to address this with its own spin that blends cutting edge technologies such as AR, MR, Virtual Reality with Artificial Intelligence.

Called Xtendr, the startup has been co-founded by Anurag Sachdeva, a former Rovio executive who oversaw the release of two Angry Birds movies in the region. He is also the CEO of the startup which has team members in “early double digits.” The other co-founder is Vikas Saxena, an alumnus of IIT Delhi. Saxena is known for his stint with Nimbuzz, one of the popular instant messaging platforms.

Xtendr has built a solution that brings immersive and interactive AR experience for consumers through a simple QR code scan. For brands, the solution aims to open a new avenue of engaging with customers and gaining more insights about their interest and purchasing behaviour. Brands can leverage the existing QR codes on their packaging and encourage users to interact with them in extended reality.

Xtendr aims to bring immersive end-to-end solutions using AR, VR, MR together with AI.
Xtendr aims to bring immersive end-to-end solutions using AR, VR, MR together with AI. (Xtendr)

The interactive content and messaging could be anything. It could be simple things like telling a consumer how to manage waste, infomercial, and incentive-based surveys, among others.

“What we are also developing is an AR builder platform which is like basic experiences. You can start developing on the platform itself very easily. Later, you can also create your own media, which itself is a fuel recommendation engine around it. So, we feel that both engagements and connected packaging can go together,” Sachdeva told Hindustan Times.

“Our platform also allows us is to personalise experience behind the same code on the basis of different time of the year, different time of the day, different time of the week and different geographies. Even if you want to go vernac in one some part of the country, you can do that. And the same country, different location, you can do a different language,” he explained.