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Medal of Honor Warfighter never aspired to reshape the genre, so if you’re already a bit jaded with all the shooters on the market, this one will do nothing to change your mind.

| Updated on: Nov 17 2012, 01:51 IST

Medal of Honor Warfighter never aspired to reshape the genre, so if you're already a bit jaded with all the shooters on the market, this one will do nothing to change your mind. That being said, Warfighter is still quite enjoyable and it manages to ruffle up some good moments like a vengeance fuelled solo romp through a floating ship in the middle of the sea, a frantic car chase through the busy streets of Dubai and a rather satisfying conclusion. A special mention has got to be made of the game's audio that we personally felt was the best we've experienced in a shooter till date.

But, for everything, Danger Close does right, there are design decisions that make no sense. Why is the AI so bad? Why do our own players love running across the battlefield while we're firing at enemies? More importantly, why do they insist in taking cover at the exact same spot we have? Of course, multiplayer is the backbone of Warfighter and the game largely succeeds in that arena. Think of it as a cross between Call Of Duty's frantic infantry combat and Battlefield 3's slow paced, authentic-ish warfare.

Verdict: While it isn't a must buy, Warfighter is definitely an enjoyable game that could have been a lot better had it received that extra coat of polish.

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Forza Horizon
Open world. Off-road driving. Dynamic day and night transitions. These aren't things you would associate with the Forza Motorsport franchise, but surprisingly, they happen to be the three key ingredients that boost the game.

Forza Horizon is an open-world racer, and there's plenty to do in it — break speed records, perform stunts, find exotic cars, and challenge other drivers. The game basically features the Horizon Festival, whichconsists of a variety of races, but every now and then, you'll enter showcase events, where you're given a car and put in an outlandish scenario, such as racing against a plane.

The Colorado game world is a joy to drive around in, partly for the scenery, but mostly due to how well the roads are laid out. The races are masterfully designed, but things can get tricky at night, as there are no streetlights in the countryside. Online multiplayer is broken up into lobbies, based on experience level, and they allow you to enter into a variety of races. The series' signature playground modes return as well, including Cat and Mouse, King, and Infected.

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Verdict: Forza Horizon manages to cram a lot of incredible features into one game. The end result of that is quite simply the complete racing game

Assassin's Creed III
Few sequels have had higher expectations to live up to than Assassin's Creed III. The game has been in development for nearly three years and you can see why. Assassin's Creed III takes place a few centuries after we stealth killed Templars as Ezio Auditore. The setting now moves to the American Revolution, with a new protagonist — Connor Kenway.

It isn't drastically different from previous installments, but there are several new elements that set it apart. The biggest of these is that a large chunk of the game takes place in forests. This brings with it Connor's ability to free-run across trees, as well as side activities like hunting, and a crafting and trading system.

The core gameplay remains the same — free-run across rooftops, assassinate Templars, and remain incognito as much as possible. The combat follows pretty much the same block, parry, counter-attack formula, but the addition of the bow and arrow and the new rope dart mix things well. Desmond has a bigger role this time. Saying any more, however, would be spoiler territory.

Verdict: The game isn't the revolutionary sequel fans may have expected, but the new setting and tight gameplay make this an instant buy for all action-adventure fans.

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First Published Date: 16 Nov, 17:25 IST