Here are the Top 4 most popular Spotify features in India

  • Spotify looked at data and pulled out insights around the most popular features on the platform in India.

| Updated on: Aug 21 2022, 20:18 IST
Most popular Spotify features in India are some of the most straight-forward ones.
Most popular Spotify features in India are some of the most straight-forward ones. (Bloomberg)
Most popular Spotify features in India are some of the most straight-forward ones.
Most popular Spotify features in India are some of the most straight-forward ones. (Bloomberg)

Spotify recently turned 15. During this time, the company has experimented with several features, of which the most loved ones went on to become permanent on the app. In fact, many Spotify enthusiasts also share their ideas on the brand's community page so that the listener experience continues to become more intuitive. Are you someone who uses the all-time favourites such as adding liked songs to a collection, or streaming Spotify's editorial playlists, or an early adopter who is using features that many other listeners haven't even explored yet?

Spotify looked at data between January 1 to March 31 this year, and pulled out insights around the most popular features on the platform in India. Here are the top four most popular Spotify features in India

Liked songs / Add to collection

Spotify's ‘Liked Songs' feature allows listeners to ‘Like' a song by clicking the heart icon next to the track name. Listeners love this feature as the hearted music is saved into the ‘Liked Songs' playlist, making it easily accessible to them. Now you will never fail to remember your favourite songs for they won't fade away once ‘liked'! Alternatively, you can add these songs to an existing collection or playlist you've already created on Spotify. Pro tip: On iOS, you can left swipe to add to ‘Liked Songs'.

Social sharing

Remember that time you stumbled upon THE soon-to-become the biggest track of the year, and wanted everyone to know that you heard it before it exploded? Or when you were reminiscing old memories associated with your favourite song, and wanted to tag or share it with loved ones whom you were reminded of while listening to it? Whatever the reason, Spotify listeners in India love to share music with their friends and family - whether through social media such as Instagram or through messaging apps such as WhatsApp.

Making the social aspect of sharing more accessible, Spotify empowers its users to connect with people over music. It lets them share tracks or playlists with their loved ones and followers, and even lets listeners discover new music that their network is sharing. Oh, in case you didn't, you can also follow your Facebook friends, and let them see the song you're listening to real time, on your desktop app!

In fact, a recent global survey of Spotify users showed that around 40% of music discovery is attributed to social channels—meaning social media is a key resource for our users. So, a few days ago, the company announced updates to social sharing from the app.

Listeners can now share podcast episodes beginning at a particular moment—so you can make sure your friends tune in at that one part you think they'll love. To share a timestamp, just tap the “share” button while listening to the episode, use the “switch to share” feature at the current playtime, and then select where you want to share the content to.

Those on the receiving end just need to tap the shared link to jump right in and start listening. In addition, Spotify will have a new share menu on the mobile, with a clearer layout, a sharing previewer, and an improved destination list.

Sharing Previewer: The new view lets users preview their share as it would be presented on Story format platforms (ie. Instagram Stories, Snapchat, Facebook Stories)

Destination List: Available messaging and social media destinations are dynamically populated based on the apps installed on the mobile device and laid out clearly in a grid

Playlist creation

Your playlists are your true friends in most moments of life. So while it is one of the simplest features, it is also the most appreciated and used as it enables listeners to create their own world of audio through their own lineup of songs to match how they feel. Another interesting feature of similar nature is the collaborative playlist, a great way to swap podcast recommendations, share the latest music discoveries, and build the ultimate playlist together even if you are not in the same house, city, or even country. Listeners can make any of their Spotify playlists collaborative by simply letting their friends modify the playlist, and to truly crowdsource, they can invite their social media network to add songs and podcast episodes.

Personalized playlists

Thanks to streaming platforms such as Spotify, listeners seek to discover music, and one thing that most Spotify listeners have in common is their consumption of personalised playlists that are algorithmically curated by the platform. These playlists include an endless stream of songs that Spotify thinks you'll love - right from Daily Mixes to Discover Weekly, and everything in between, take your pick.

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First Published Date: 08 Sep, 10:58 IST
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