Telegram update: App gets topics in groups, voice to text for video messages, and more

    Telegram has received its November update with several new features added to it. From topics in groups, new emojis packs to voice to text for video messages- check details here.

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    | Updated on: Nov 12 2022, 16:42 IST
    Telegram Emoji Statuses, Infinite Reactions rolled out; know how to use
    Telegram Infinite Reactions
    1/5 Telegram update: Infinite Reactions- All Telegram users now have access to dozens of reactions – including those that were previously only available with Telegram Premium. It can be known that the reactions you use frequently will show up at the top. The app further informed that premium users can pick reactions from an infinite selection of custom emoji. They can now even attach up to 3 reactions per message. Also, these changes to reactions are currently available in groups and 1-on-1 chats. Group admins can control whether custom reactions may be used in their groups. (Telegram)
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    2/5 Telegram Update: Emoji Statuses- Premium users can now add an animated emoji status that is displayed next to their name - to quickly let everyone know how they are feeling or what they are doing. This custom status takes the place of your Premium Badge in the chat list, in your profile and in groups. You can set one of 7 standard statuses that change their color to match different Telegram themes – or choose from an infinite number of custom emoji. Popular suggestions for working, sleeping, traveling and more will be shown at the top. All you will have to do is tap the Premium badge at the top of your chat list or go to Settings to change your status. Press and hold an emoji to set a status for a specific duration. Also, anyone can use Telegram's open emoji platform to upload custom packs with unique art styles and characters for Telegram Premium users. (Telegram)
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    3/5 Telegram Update: Improved Login Flow- Users who log out and log back in frequently can now receive login codes through their email address or using Sign in with Apple or Sign in with Google. Signing up or logging in to Telegram on iOS is now even more easy with new interfaces and animations that are already known to the Android users. (Telegram)
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    4/5 Telegram Update: Prioritize Downloads on Android- Media and files that are actively downloading can be managed in the 'Downloads' tab of Search or by tapping the Downloads Android icon that appears in your chat list. You can now press and hold any items in the list to reorder them and change their priority – downloading the top file first. This feature was already available on iOS – press and hold an item in the Downloads iOS list and select 'Prioritize Download'. (Telegram)
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    5/5 Telegram Update: Android Goodies- Telegram has added new animations for opening, closing and changing media on Android. Those on Android 13 or newer can choose a thematic Telegram icon that will automatically match your phone's dark mode settings and accent color. (Telegram)
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    Here is all what the Telegram November update brings for the user. (Pixabay)

    Telegram, one of the most popular social networking platforms, recently got its November update. With the update, the platform has now added topics to organize discussions in large groups, a new form of collectible usernames secured on a blockchain, an option to convert video messages to text, new emoji packs, and much more. Here is all you need to know about the recently added features.

    1. Topics in Groups: Telegram groups can support huge communities with hundreds of thousands of users. To keep these chats easy to read, groups with over 200 members can now enable topics and create separate spaces for any subject, according to the information provided by Telegram in a blog post. It can be known that Topics function as individual chats within the group supporting their own shared media and notification settings. Users are free to chat in any topic from Anime to Zoology, using all their favorite features like polls, pinned messages and bots. Also, group admins can enable topics in their Group Settings, and can control who is allowed to create and manage topics in Permissions.

    2. Collectible Usernames: Telegram users can make it easy for others to contact them or find their public groups and channels via usernames. In addition to one basic username, you can now assign multiple collectible usernames to each of your accounts and public chats. The ownership of collectible usernames is secured by TON, a fast and scalable blockchain network. They can be bought and sold through a new platform, giving a simple and secure way to acquire and exchange valuable Telegram domains, according to the blog post.

    Collectible usernames work just like basic @usernames, they appear in Global Search results and have their own links that can be used outside of Telegram: and Unlike basic usernames, collectible usernames can be less than 5 characters long – making it possible to get unique names like @news or @game. Once acquired, a user has full control over their collectible username, able to trade it or retain it for later use. You can deactivate any of your collectible usernames – making them invisible in search results without losing the name.

    3. Premium Voice-to-Text for Video Messages: Since the launch of Telegram Premium, subscribers have been able to convert any voice message to text – for times when it's more convenient to read than listen along. This update adds the same functionality to video messages, allowing Premium users to get an instant text transcript.

    4. New Emoji Packs: While thousands of users experiment with uploading custom emoji sets, Telegram artists have completed 12 new emoji packs. Premium users can use these emoji in any messages and captions.

    5. Redesigned Night Mode for iOS: Dark themes have been updated for users on iOS, making colors more balanced with better blurring effects as you scroll in chats and the chat list.

    6. Resizing Text on Android: Changing your text size in Chat Settings on Android now increases the size of all chat text – including link previews, reply headers and more.

    7. New Interactive Emoji and Reactions: For those times when you're studying, sleeping or being suspicious, this update brings 4 new interactive emoji 😴👨‍💻🤓👀 that play full-screen effects in 1-on-1 chats and can also be used as reactions. Additionally, all users can celebrate the spooky season with 3 more reactions 👻🎃😭 in any chat.

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    First Published Date: 12 Nov, 16:42 IST