The perfect email? How this boss turned the SHOCKING 'Call me’ mail to female staffer around

In a viral TikTok video, an employee revealed the perfect ‘Call me’ email sent by her boss.

| Updated on: Aug 21 2022, 23:33 IST
An employee gets the perfect ‘Call me’ email from her boss. (Representational image) (AFP)
An employee gets the perfect ‘Call me’ email from her boss. (Representational image) (AFP)

This viral video on TikTok is simly awesome! A female employee has shared the perfect email of them all! It all started when this woman's boss sent a ‘Call me' email. Now, most suh emails have sinister connotations and employees interperet them negatively. Most think the boss is angry with them or they have made a big mistake or even that they are going to be sacked over teh phone. However, this email has actually received the appreciation of viewers and the boss has been dubbed as a great manager. Probably, we all have experienced that moment of panic when we get a message or an email simply saying ‘Call me. We need to talk'. Whether it is from a loved one or in your workspace, the message never fails to raise heartbeats. It is not exactly the message but the incompleteness of it. You are sure to be left wondering what it was about till you actually call up the person.

Now, a manager has finally figured out the right way to send a ‘Call me' email. Posting her experience on popular short video platform TikTok, user @notjessicasimpson who goes by the name Jess, showed everyone what a perfect email should look like. It has since become a viral video on TikTok.

The perfect email

The video opens with Jess explaining she is an anxious person in a sort of a flippant manner- "Anxious? Me? Not at all.”.

She continues in the viral TikTok video by talking about how employees get ‘call me' emails from their employers all the time and it always freaks people out. The first thought is always along the lines of ‘Did I do something wrong?' or ‘Am I going to be sacked?', but thankfully for Jess, this was not one of those occasions.

In the next shot, the video shows a screenshot of an email she received from her manager at 8AM in the morning. Unlike a typical ‘call me' email, it simply read the following.

"Call me when you have a chance – NOTHING IS WRONG! We haven't spoken and I wanted to see how your holidays were. PLEASE DO NOT READ ANYTHING ELSE INTO THIS REQUEST."

With this message, the boss not only told Jess why they wanted her to call but also reassured her that she was not in trouble. The all-caps message has received more than 6 Lakh likes on TikTok's platform.

A user by the name of Gabriella Cázares-Kelly claimed to be the manager in question and explained that she often sends messages similar to this in order to calm down employees.

LinkedIn's official TikTok account also replied to the video, writing, “The best boss award goes to…”

Needless to say, this manager has definitely cracked the code to send the perfect ‘call me' email.

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First Published Date: 19 Jan, 16:41 IST