This exciting Google search hack will make Googling faster and easier! | Tech News

This exciting Google search hack will make Googling faster and easier!

Google just updated its quote search hack! It will help you in 'Googling' fast, know all the details here.

| Updated on: Aug 05 2022, 16:39 IST
Use Google Maps offline! Know what you need to do
1/6 When you have to travel to a new place or any place where you have never been before, or want to know the directions of any area, building, among others, the most common app that you can rely on for the same is Google Maps. Google Maps is one of the most prominent and widely used applications for locating and reaching places you want to visit or are travelling to. (Reuters)
2/6 However, you will need an internet connection to run the same. But as per the information provided by Google's support page, if you are travelling by a car you can use Google Maps offline too for reliable navigation and safety features when your car has a poor internet connection. (Pixabay)
3/6 Google Maps offline can be automatically downloaded and updated based on your current location and travel patterns. It can be noted that it is only for Google Maps built into your car. Feature availability or functionality may depend on your car manufacturer or region and data plan. Also, this feature is not available in all languages and countries/regions. You will be notified if you are outside the area covered by your Google Maps offline. (Google Maps Twitter)
4/6 Google Maps provides data via Vehicle Map Service (VMS) to support safety-related driver assistance features in cars, like road sign integration and adaptive cruise control. These safety features rely on offline map data. To ensure that map data is always available, turn on “auto-download” in the Privacy Center. (REUTERS)
5/6 In order to turn on auto-download in the Privacy Center open the Google Maps app. At the bottom, tap Settings then click on Privacy Center and then Offline maps. Select Auto-download offline maps. You need to make sure you have an internet connection and wait for your offline map download to finish. It can be known that if you turn off auto-download, already downloaded maps will remain saved, but no new maps will be automatically downloaded. (Unsplash)
6/6 Now in order to manage offline maps, on your car, under "Offline maps," your offline maps will show: Auto-downloaded maps based on your car’s movements, if you have turned on auto-download before. (Google)
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Google search hack got a new upgrade to help you find specific content. (Pixabay)

Your Google Search just got even better! Google Search is one of the most useful tools whenever we need to find information about something. However, there are times when we need to look for a particular word or phrase. But did you know that you already have a Google Search hack that allows you to search for an exact word or phrase by simply putting quotation marks around it? Yes, it was always there! Put quotes around any word or phrase and it will only show pages that contain those exact words or phrases. It's a great method to adopt whenever you need to find something specific. And now, this hack just got better!

"Now we're making quoted searches better. The snippets we display for search results (meaning the text you see describing web content) will be formed around where a quoted word or phrase occurs in a web document," Google confirmed in a blog post. This means it will be even easier to identify where to find them after you click the link and visit the content. Even on the desktop, this will bold the quoted material.

How Google Search “quoted” hack works

Google showed an example that if you did a search like this “google search”, it will show you a snippet with an exact phrase. Earlier, Google used to show you results that were included in the quoted word or phrase. And the small snippet under a link may not have shown exactly where the phrase appeared on a page.

"We've heard feedback that people doing quoted searches value seeing where the quoted material occurs on a page, rather than an overall description of the page. Our improvement is designed to help address this," Google says about the update in the feature. Google also shared some pro tips that you should consider while doing quoted searches to get even better results.

Some of them include searching from within Developer Tools to match against all rendered text or avoiding using punctuations as it is seen as spaces. You can even learn more about the quote searches on Google here.

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First Published Date: 05 Aug, 16:39 IST