'Tony Stark' moment in Bengaluru! Tech-savvy auto driver stuns passenger

Bengaluru's ingenious auto driver stunned a passenger as he flipped a smartwatch to display the QR code to payment, making for a special Iron Man film's Tony Stark moment.

| Updated on: Aug 17 2023, 12:34 IST
Bengaluru Auto driver's smartwatch QR code hack stuns passenger and amazes the Internet. ((X (formerly Twitter)))
Bengaluru Auto driver's smartwatch QR code hack stuns passenger and amazes the Internet. ((X (formerly Twitter)))

In a delightful tale from Bengaluru, a tech-savvy auto driver has captured the attention of social media users by ingeniously incorporating modern technology into his payment process. Drawing comparisons to the Iron Man film's genius Tony Stark, the auto driver's innovative approach has garnered widespread admiration.

QR Code Payment using a Smartwatch

The incident unfolded when a Bengaluru resident utilized the Namma Yatri app to hire an auto rickshaw. What transpired next left her amazed and amused in equal measure. Instead of producing a conventional laminated card as requested, the auto driver effortlessly flipped his wrist to reveal a smartwatch displaying the QR code for payment. The QR code, in a brilliant twist, was saved as the screensaver on his smartwatch.

The woman, clearly taken aback by the unexpected yet impressive spectacle, shared a snapshot of the incident on the social media platform X (formerly Twitter). Accompanying the post was the hashtag "#PeakBengaluru," a term often employed to spotlight the city's thriving tech and startup culture, as well as its unique quirks.

A Viral Sensation

Sharing the encounter, she tweeted, "Met namma Tony Stark in @nammayatri today. Asked my auto driver for the QR code. Man flipped his hand and showed me his smartwatch. Turns out he's saved the QR code as his smartwatch screensaver. So much swag, @peakbengaluru."

The post rapidly gained traction, quickly spreading across the online community. At the time of writing, it had amassed over 360,000 views, garnered more than 7,500 likes, and received 700 reposts. The comment section was flooded with appreciative responses, celebrating both the driver's ingenuity and the vibrant atmosphere of Bengaluru.

One user expressed their delight, saying, “I absolutely love hearing and telling these little observations that I have only experienced in Bangalore.”

Another chimed in, "I love to take autos and hear their stories heart out. It's wonderful!"

The incident prompted a broader discussion about Bengaluru's unique position as the Silicon Valley of India. Commenters mused about the city's distinctive characteristics, with one remarking, “That's why it's called the Silicon Valley of India. There must be something unique.”

Another person added, "That is the kind of peak Bengaluru I like to see."

As the story circulated, the auto driver's creativity and resourcefulness received accolades from social media users, praising him with terms like "Legend," "Impressive," and “Digital India.”

The incident serves as a testament to the city's dynamic spirit, blending technology and innovation with everyday life in unexpected and delightful ways.

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First Published Date: 17 Aug, 12:33 IST
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