Twitter wants your help to get rid of trolls

Twitter has been trying hard to scrub its platform of trolls, but today, the company has asked for your help to get rid of them.

Twitter's troll problem isn't new. Yesterday, a New Delhi journalist filed an FIR against an anonymous Twitter account for online harrassment; and CEO Dick Costolo recently admitted that the company 'sucked at dealing with abuse.'

Twitter has been trying hard to scrub its platform of trolls, but clearly algorithms are not enough. Twitter needs human intervention and today, it has asked for it.

The company has announced a new feature that lets you share your list of blocked users others on the platform to make blocking multiple accounts simpler.

Once other users import your list into their own accounts they can keep adding offensive accounts to it and essentially crowdsource reporting and blocking Twitter's rotten apples.

'This new, advanced feature makes blocking multiple accounts easy, fast and community driven,"' writes Xiaoyun Zhang, a user safety engineer at Twitter on the company's blog.

It's an interesting step, one seems to concede that humans, not technology, can be more effective at flagging trolls and spam accounts on Twitter.

To import or export a list of blocked accounts, log in to your Twitter account and navigate to your blocked accounts settings. Then Click on the advanced options drop-down menu and select the action you want to take.