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Users asked Alexa to marry them 6000 times a day in 2020, says Amazon

Amazon’s virtual assistant answered more than 86,000 factual questions every day.

Amazon Echo Dot
Amazon Echo Dot (Amazon)

Alexa is one of the most popular virtual assistants on the planet. It powers smart speakers, smart home devices and even the wearables. Users interact with Amazon’s smart assistant in a million ways every day. Some ask her to crack jokes, others ask her to mimic Bollywood celebrities, yet others ask her for help with the routine stuff such as bill payments, playing music and product searches.

On Alexa’s third anniversary in India, Amazon shared some interesting insights as to how Amazon users in India interacted with Alexa in the past year. The company said that Indians expressed their love for Alexa by saying ‘’Alexa, I love you’’ around 19,000 times a day and asking ‘’Alexa, marry me’’ around 6,000 times a day. Amazon said that Indians requested for over 17 lakh songs every day in 2020 with ’Shaitan Ka Saala’, ’Muqabla’, and ‘Aankh Marey’ being the most requested Bollywood songs in the past year.

If you think that was weird, wait until you read what comes next.

Amazon said that Alexa’s quirky answer to “Alexa, rasodey mein kaun tha?” was the most popular request in 2020. Alexa users asked her this question more than 14,000 times a day.

The company’s smart assistant also narrated almost 19,000 stories per day, in Hindi and English in 2020.

Amazon Alexa in India.
Amazon Alexa in India. (Amazon India)

As far as the smart devices are concerned, Amazon said that on its shopping app, Alexa addressed over 5.8 lakh requests every day by helping customers search for products, best deals, make bill payments, and even listen to music. The company also revealed that smart home appliances were also immensely popular among Alexa users. Customers used voice to control their smart lights, fans, ACs, security cameras, air purifiers and TVs, and asked Alexa to control a smart device whopping 8.6 lakh times every day!

Coming to jokes and mimicry, Alexa made customers laugh close to 9,000 times every day by cracking a joke. She also makes for a good laugh-along buddy, as customers asked Alexa to laugh along around 12,000 times every day. Alexa was also popular among poets and people who love poetry. Amazon revealed that customers asked Alexa for “Kavita” over 1000 times a day. Customers also asked Alexa to recite Shayari at least 3,000 times a day.

Apart from this, Alexa also recited a conventional form of shayari, that is, Bhajans. Amazon said that Alexa donned the role of a Purohit/Pandit. Alexa answered more than 4,000 requests per day during Durga Pooja, Dussehra and Navratri festivals.

Apart from this, the company said that Bollywood buffs asked Alexa to mimic a celeb every day and asked her around 3,000 times every day. Overall, Amazon’s virtual assistant answered more than 86,000 factual questions every day.

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