You can now send an SMS using Amazon Alexa

This feature only works on Android devices.

This feature isn’t available on third-party devices with Alexa
This feature isn’t available on third-party devices with Alexa (REUTERS)

You can now send an SMS using an Alexa-powered device. Electronic commerce and cloud computing giant Amazon on Wednesday announced the launch of a new messaging feature for Alexa devices in the United States.

This will allow users of Amazon's intelligent personal assistant to send SMS messages, to their friends and other contacts, reported TechCrunch.

Alexa will send a message to a specific contact, and it will also automatically figure out which platform to use. For example, those without an Alexa device, the message will be sent as an SMS. As for those with an Alexa device, it will be sent through the app's messaging feature. The SMS feature however, works only for devices running on Android. There isn't any update for iOS users as yet.

This new feature isn't set by default and you will have to manually enable it. You will find this feature under the 'Conversations' tab, after which you will need to select Contacts > My Profile > Send SMS.

Amazon had earlier introduced free calls and messaging in 2017, but the feature only worked in between Echo devices, limiting its adoption.

The feature is live on all Alexa devices that support Alexa calling and messaging, and does not work on third-party devices at this point.

Amazon also plans to roll out SMS support to Alexa's international markets in future.