YouTube's new AI-Powered tool enables automatic dubbing for video creators

YouTube has introduced a new tool that helps video creators translate their videos into different languages automatically.

| Updated on: Jun 24 2023, 11:18 IST
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YouTube introduces aloud AI-Powered dubbing feature for creators. (AFP)

YouTube has introduced a new tool that helps video creators translate their videos into different languages automatically. This tool uses AI, which stands for artificial intelligence, to do the translation. The announcement was made by YouTube at a conference called VidCon, TechCrunch reported. YouTube has partnered with a company called Aloud, which also uses AI to dub videos. Aloud is part of Google's in-house incubator called Area 120.

Earlier this year, YouTube added a feature that allows creators to have multiple audio tracks in different languages. This means creators can add dubbing to their videos so that people who speak other languages can understand them. By June 2023, creators have already dubbed more than 10,000 videos in over 70 languages.

Before this new tool, creators had to work with other companies that provide dubbing services. This could take a lot of time and money. However, with Aloud, creators can now dub their videos for free.

Aloud was created by Google in 2022. It uses AI to transcribe a video, translate it, and then create a dubbed version. Creators can check and edit the transcription before Aloud makes the dub.

YouTube is currently testing this tool with hundreds of creators. The Vice President of Creator Products at YouTube, Amjad Hanif, mentioned this to the audience at the conference. Hanif also said that YouTube will make this tool available to all creators soon. Right now, Aloud is only available in English, Spanish, and Portuguese. But in the future, there will be more languages, such as Hindi and Bahasa Indonesian.

Hanif also mentioned that YouTube is working on making the translated audio tracks sound like the creator's voice. They want the dubbed version to have the same expression and lip movements as the original. YouTube confirmed to TechCrunch that they plan to use generative AI to add more features to Aloud, such as preserving the creator's voice, improving the transfer of emotions, and reanimating lip movements.

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First Published Date: 24 Jun, 11:18 IST