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Oura Ring unveils new stress management feature; Know how it will work on this smart ring

Oura Ring has introduced a new resilience stress management feature. Know how the feature will work on this smart ring.

| Updated on: Feb 01 2024, 17:07 IST
Oura Ring
Know all about Oura Ring's stress management feature. (Oura Ring)
Oura Ring
Know all about Oura Ring's stress management feature. (Oura Ring)

The smart ring concept and the few products in the market have been creating quite a hype among fitness enthusiasts and various tech companies including Oura and Samsung have joined the race. While the smart ring market grows, Oura Ring has gained immense popularity in the smart ring market. Now, to enhance its range of fitness and health tracking, Oura Ring has introduced a new stress management feature, called the 'resilience feature' which aims to keep the user calm throughout the day even in stressful conditions. This new feature will be part of Oura Ring's wellbeing features. Know all about this smart ring stress management feature

About Oura Ring stress management feature

According to Tom's Guide report, the new Oura Ring stress management feature is called the Resilience feature which was announced last year. Now, the company has finally started to roll out the feature that will help users improve their mental strength. The feature aims to enhance the user's willpower to overcome any challenging situation with effective stress management strategies. It will even help users recover from stressful situations with the help of data curated by the smart ring.

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Oura CEO Tom Hale in an interview while talking about the feature said that it “creates an assessment of member's ability to withstand physiological stress” with the help of data of Daytime Stress load and recovery. Hale added, “Our long-term vision is to shift the healthcare paradigm from one of disempowerment to one where people are in the driver's seat of their health…the Oura app takes the effort out of journaling, tracking mood, and tagging.”

The Resilience feature gives users the time to manage their stress and act accordingly. With this feature, users will be able to know about the stress they have experienced during the day and how their bodies recovered.

The Oura Ring stress management feature or the Resilience feature has already been rolled out, therefore, you will be able to see the feature soon on your app. The daytime stress indicators will automatically reflect on your homepage and the reflection will be shown by the night. Keep an eye out for the update and see how useful the new feature is in terms of managing mental well-being.

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First Published Date: 01 Feb, 09:08 IST