PUBG New State to let you do Parkour, brings BR: Extreme mode

    The PUBG New State 0.9.23 update brings the new BR: Extreme mode as well as a couple of new things to enjoy. 
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    | Updated on: Jan 12 2022, 10:17 IST
    PUBG New State gets the new BR: Extreme mode with the latest update
    PUBG New State gets the new BR: Extreme mode with the latest update
    PUBG New State gets the new BR: Extreme mode with the latest update
    PUBG New State gets the new BR: Extreme mode with the latest update

    PUBG New State gets better as it ages and developer Krafton proves it once again with the announcement of the 0.9.23 patch. The new update is heading to your smartphones next week and brings some drastic improvements for players. The biggest addition, however, is the BR: Extreme mode that aims to make the battle royale experience more engaging.

    The game is also getting a host of new weapons and attachments, along with improvements to player animations and the Season 1. Note that the update will go live on both Android and iOS devices over the coming week, although Krafton is yet to announce a specific date for the rollout.

    PUBG New State 0.9.23 update

    With the 0.9.23 patch, here is what you can expect from the game.

    BR: Extreme

    The BR: Extreme mode is set in the map of Troi and allows only 64 players at a time. Each match will last for only 20 minutes within a confined area of the map, with players battling each other out to be the last one standing. This playable zone is randomly chosen and can be in any part of the map.

    In this mode, players will start with a P1911 handgun, a smoke grenade, 300 Drone Credits, and fully charged boost meters. At the start of the match, two Care Packages will be dropped at random locations to stock up.

    The BR: Extreme mode also offers more vehicles in the play zone and players will be airdropped from a lower altitude. Additionally, the wait time for player redeployment has been shortened to 60 seconds.

    Player movements, including Parkour

    If you are a fan of Parkour, you can now do the same in PUBG New State. Players when jumping from buildings or cars will be given an option to do the Parkour roll; all they need to do is the “Roll” button right before they hit the ground. Players will sustain lower damage in the process. Similarly, player character can now smoothly and swiftly get up from Prone and sprint. Some other animations have also been refined.

    New Weapons

    The popular P90 from PUBG Mobile comes to PUBG New State but is only available in Care Packages. It cannot be modified with attachments but its 5.7mm ammo can be found in the drone store. It comes with a standard tier-2 transformative scope and a suppressor attached.

    Additionally, there are some new attachments for DP-28 and Beryl M762.

    Season 1 comes to the game

    All the Preseason Tiers will be reset for all regions and modes based on the highest tier Survivors reached during the Preseason. The game will upgrade the final rewards for reaching Contender, Master, and Conquerer. The Match scores and tier evaluation standards will be revamped as well.

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    First Published Date: 12 Jan, 10:17 IST
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