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Sony PlayStation 5 now has 3D audio support for TVs, SSD expansion following September 5 update

PlayStation 5 is priced at <span class='webrupee'>₹</span>49,990 and PlayStation 5 Digital Edition is priced at <span class='webrupee'>₹</span>39,990.
PlayStation 5 is priced at 49,990 and PlayStation 5 Digital Edition is priced at 39,990. (Sony)

If you are hoping to upgrade your Sony PlayStation 5 (PS5) you will need an M.2 SSD with heatsink.

The Sony PlayStation 5 just received its second major software update that brings in some rather important features to the console. These include 3D audio support for TV speakers, M.2 SSD storage expansion capabilities, network tests for PlayStation Now, Control Centre customisation, updated game titles to the Game Library, and new social features for Game Base. Sony has also announced new updates for the PlayStation App and the PlayStation Remote Play app.

The PlayStation 5 (PS5) console was launched in November last year and it comes in two variants, the normal PlayStation 5 and the PlayStation 5 Digital Edition that’s less expensive. The normal variant is priced at 49,990 while the Digital Edition is priced at 39,990.

The new updates that have just rolled in were announced by Sony through a PlayStation blog post. While the blog post listing out all the new upgrades was published yesterday, they started rolling out today (September 15). One of the most important updates that have come to the console is the ability to expand storage by upgrading the inbuilt SSD. PS5 owners can upgrade to any M.2 SSD with heatsink as long as it meets the minimum performance and size requirements as specified by Sony.

The second important update coming to the PS5 console is 3D audio support for inbuilt TV speakers. This feature needs to be enabled from the Sound menu post the update and it can adapt the two-channel TV speakers into three-dimensional sounds for enhanced gameplay experience. Before this update, 3D audio on the PS5 was only available with compatible headsets.

Besides these two updates, Sony has also revised the gaming and social experience on the PS5. It has now made it easier for players to customise the Control Centre by choosing and rearranging which controls to hide or unhide at the bottom of the screen. Players will also be able to view, write, reply to messages directly from the Game Base post the new update. Once Game Base is in fullscreen mode, players will also be able to see which friends are online, offline, or busy. Players can also accept or deny multiple friend requests at a go now.

The new update also brings in a special tag in front of PS5 games if players own both the PS4 and the PS5 version of it. These new tags will also be visible on the home screens. Players also get the ability to pause or resume the Screen Reader by pressing the PS and “triangle” buttons at the same time. The Screen Reader can repeat anything if you press the PS and the right-shoulder buttons together.

Also, on PlayStation Now, you can select between 720p and 1080p for game streaming resolution. The updates also give players the ability to test their network connection that will allow them to analyse and troubleshoot issues with the connection. There is a new accolade as well as a new Trophy Tracker that can access up to five trophies quickly. PS5 will also automatically capture videos when players beat their Personal Best (PB) scores.

Sony has also updated the PlayStation Remote Play app for iOS and Android and users can use the app with mobile internet now. However, to do this, players will need at least 5Mbps speed to play games on the Remote Play app. Players can also view their friends’ share screen broadcasts on the PlayStation app from September 23 onwards. And PS4 players will be able to view their PS5 trophies on the PS4 profile and the Trophy list. PS4 and PS5 players can now disband a Party now, post the new updates, without individually having to remove all players.

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