Sony reveals PS5 console design alongside a ‘Digital Edition’, new headphones, DualSense Charging Station and HD camera

The PS5 family was revealed at the end of the all-digital event. The company has also revealed some titles that will be coming to the console in future. 

Sony PS5, PS5 Digital Edition
Sony PS5, PS5 Digital Edition (Sony)

The cat is finally out of the bag. After building months of hype for its next-gen gaming console, Sony at its all-digital June 11 event, took the wraps off its PlayStation 5 (PS5) design. The company had previously announced the specifications of the device and showed the DualSense controller. Not just the gaming console, but the firm had a few surprises up its sleeve as well in the form of some other hardware products.

So, this is the entire PlayStation 5 family.

Sony PS5 family
Sony PS5 family (Sony)

In sequence from left to right, it’s the Sony PS5, PS5 ‘Digital Edition’, Pulse 3D Wireless Headset, Media Remote, DualSense Charging Station and a New HD camera. That’s the entire family Sony showcased within 2 minutes before concluding its event, most of which was about the games that will be coming to the new console.

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Sony is yet to drop details on all the products. Nonetheless, the device has been revealed and yes it does look more futuristic than what many expected. Something straight out of a sci-fi movie. From what it looks like, there seems to be only Blue + White colour tone of the console, so in case you were expecting a PS5 in Matte Black or any other fancy colour variant, you might be disappointed.

While several were seen praising the design of PS5 online after the event, many also questioned its maintenance since the design seems to leave a lot of areas exposed to dust.

And some even posted memes on it since no major launch is complete without it.

However, this is what we have and the design is going nowhere for at least next five years. Sony is yet to reveal the exact released date of the console.