Starfield tips and tricks: Know how to get infinite ammo without cheats; Check ‘Puddle robbery’ details

Starfield tips and tricks: This is the best method in the game to get huge amounts of resources without using any cheats. Know all about Puddle robbery and get infinite ammo.

| Updated on: Sep 14 2023, 22:08 IST
Know all about the infinite ammo trick in Starfield. (Starfield)
Know all about the infinite ammo trick in Starfield. (Starfield)

Starfield tips and tricks: It took Bethesda, the developers and publishers of Fallout 4 and The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, 25 years to make Starfield, the latest sensation in the gaming world. The space-themed action RPG (role-playing game) was first teased at the company's E3 presentation in 2018, and five years later, it was finally released on September 6, 2023. The game has massive exploration value, but to progress through it, you require resources, and they don't come cheap or easy. However, there is one way you can carry out the most profitable robbery, without actually robbing anyone. Confused? Check out the Starfield infinite ammo glitch and know how to get it through the Puddle robbery.

Starfield infinite ammo trick

If you're playing the game, you already know that you're a space pirate robbing people left, right, and center. But not all loots are the same. So, while some of the robberies will give you a good payout, some will leave you frustrated. But what if we were to tell you about the most profitable robbery? If you're intrigued, you have to head to New Akila.

Do know while this trick will let you equip yourself with some of the most valuable items in the game including infinite ammo, it is not really cheating, since you are just exploiting a glitch in the game. If you're a hard worker who prefers grinding, don't use it. But many gamers feel the crunch of resources and an easier supply is often welcomed. Plus, this will also help any runners who are trying to set a new record to finish the game.

So, once you reach New Akila, go to a shop called Shepherd's General Store which is located near the entrance on the left side.

In the vicinity of that store, you'll find numerous mud puddles, but this particular one will prove instrumental in completing your heist. Once you reach there, change your point of view to third-person mode, and then crouch down and look into the puddle.

As you explore the area, you'll eventually reach a location that grants access to the entire inventory of the store. Bethesda employs a method of stocking vendors by concealing a chest within the map's geometry. This serves as a quantum tunnel leading directly to the chest, allowing you to rob its contents without getting any bounties.

While you will just find 5,000 credits, and it isn't much, there are tons of items to steal, given that it is a General Store. The best part is the surfeit supply of ammo for any gun that you can find. It will come in really handy in some of the long missions where players find themselves in an ammo crunch.

Also, this is not a one-time heist. If you can wait 48 hours in-game time, you can come back to a chest that has been reset and rob it again.

Do note, that this glitch is likely to be patched soon. But while it lasts, make the most out of it.

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First Published Date: 14 Sep, 22:08 IST