Tech experts assess leaked specs for PlayStation 5 Pro, cast doubt on GTA 6 running at 60fps | Gaming News

Tech experts assess leaked specs for PlayStation 5 Pro, cast doubt on GTA 6 running at 60fps

Tech experts analyse leaked specs for the upcoming PlayStation 5 Pro, reveal its performance while running games like GTA 6. Here's what they anticipate.

| Updated on: Mar 21 2024, 20:31 IST
GTA 6 trailer date announced! Know 5 groundbreaking features it could get
1/5 Two protagonists - Grand Theft Auto games have always had one playable character but that could change with GTA 6. Leaks claim it could have two protagonists in a Bonnie and Clyde type of setting – one male and one female named Jason and Lucia who were seen holding up a diner together. If true, GTA 6 would also become the first GTA game to have a female protagonist. (Rockstar Games)
2/5 Hacking - GTA 6 might also borrow a couple of hacking-related features from Watch Dogs. A leak by Tom Henderson revealed that the female protagonist Lucia might carry hacking devices such as Tracker Jammer, Immobilizer Bypass, USB Drive, and Auto Dialer which might help hack vehicles. (Rockstar Games)
3/5 Enterable buildings - GTA 6’s Vice City could feature a vast number of buildings that players could not only enter but also interact with. According to leaks, the GTA 6 would get supermarkets, bars, clubs, pawn shops, restaurants, as well as apartments that players can enter. (Rockstar Games)
4/5 Police recognition system - Like Red Dead Redemption 2, GTA 6 might also feature a witness and police recognition system. In the Hank’s Waffles robbery video, the text below the wanted level reads ‘Full description’ meaning that the police have a full description of the character. Once the character enters a police vehicle, the status changes from no vehicle description to full vehicle description. (Rockstar Games)
5/5 Money laundering - Earning money through white-collar crime could be possible in GTA 6. It could reportedly 6 have purchasable properties and businesses that could be used for money laundering. A washing machine symbol with a ‘$’ sign was noticed at the car wash property in Hank’s Waffles video. Therefore, players might be able to buy properties with the sole purpose of money laundering in the game. (Rockstar Games)
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Experts analyze leaked PlayStation 5 Pro specs, predicting its performance with anticipated titles like GTA 6 (REUTERS)

Tech analysts at Digital Foundry have examined leaked specs of the upcoming PlayStation 5 Pro and shed light on its potential performance with highly anticipated titles like GTA 6. The upgraded console, rumoured for a late 2024 release, boasts significant improvements over its predecessor.

While the PS5 Pro shares similarities with the standard PS5 in its CPU, a 'High CPU Frequency Mode' promises a 10 percent boost in performance, clocking at 3.85GHz. The GPU, boasting 33.5 teraflops, enables enhanced rendering and superior ray tracing compared to the standard 10.28 teraflops on the PS5, according to an IGN report.

Speculation on GTA 6 Performance

Speculation swirls around how the PS5 Pro will handle GTA 6,which is expected to revolutionise the gaming market upon its 2025 release. Digital Foundry's Rich Leadbetter suggests a 30fps cap for GTA 6 on the PS5 Pro, mirroring the standard PS5's expected performance in a DF Direct latest show. The modest CPU enhancement of the PS5 Pro limits the possibility of a 60fps option, barring unforeseen programming feats.

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PS5 Pro's Upscaling Capabilities and Additional RAM

Despite the incremental CPU upgrade, Digital Foundry highlights the PS5 Pro's prowess in rendering and it capability to upscale older PS5 titles to 4K with its PSSR technology, provided developers integrate support through patches. The console maintains 16GB of GDDR6 memory, with an additional 1.2GB allocated for system RAM, potentially enhancing gaming experiences.

Analysts anticipate Sony's release of the PS5 Pro later in 2024, following a trend established with previous console generations. Notably, the PS4 Pro launched three years after the original PS4, suggesting an almost similar trajectory for the PS5 Pro's release - four years after the PS5's debut in 2020.

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Despite adjusting sales forecasts downward for the fiscal year, Sony maintains momentum in the gaming market, with increased PS5 sales year-on-year. However, fans must wait until after April 2025 for major franchise releases, as Sony postpones anticipated sequels like God of War and Spider-Man.

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First Published Date: 21 Mar, 20:31 IST