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Gmail’s five features every user must know

Gmail features every user should know.
Gmail features every user should know. (Pixabay)

Gmail, the most widely used email app comes with some nifty features every user must know to make their experience better.

Gmail, Google's 15-year-old email service, has 1.5 billion active monthly users making it one of the most popular email clients across the globe.

Gmail started off in 2004 as an invitation only product on beta platform. It was only in 2009 that the brand decided to drop the beta label after multiple design changes.

Here are the 5 lesser known Gmail features that may enhance your user experience

Schedule mail

With this feature users can schedule the time at which they want the mail to be sent. The user will also have to set the time zone for the mail to be sent. At a time one can schedule up to 100 mails.

Here are the steps you need to follow for scheduling a mail on your computer:

• On your computer, go to Gmail

• At the top left, click compose

• Create your email

• At the bottom left next to "send," click the dropdown arrow more send options

• Click schedule send

In case the user wants to cancel sending the scheduled mail, it can be done by:

• Go to Gmail

• At the left panel, click scheduled

• Select the email you want to cancel

• At the top right of your email, click cancel send

Self-destruct mail

As per this feature, Gmail users can set a mail to destroy itself over a period from one day to a maximum of five years

In order to send a self-destructing mail users have to follow these steps

• Click on compose

• Select the lock with a clock icon on the bottom of the screen.

• Choose the time period till which you want the mail to be in recipient's mailbox

• Click send

Unsend mails

With this feature, in case the user has sent an email which they after sending want to retract they can do it within a particular time frame which cannot exceed more than 30 seconds.

To do so, these steps need to be followed:

• In the bottom left, there are options of message sent, Undo, view message

• Click undo

In order to set the time period of undoing, following steps need to be followed

• Go to Gmail

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