Google Pixel 8 launch highlights: Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro, Pixel Watch 2, Buds Pro unveiled

Google Pixel 8 event highlights: Google announced its flagship Pixel 8 and 8 Pro, Watch 2, and Pixel Buds Pro at the Made by Google event. This blog is now closed.

| Updated on: Oct 04 2023, 21:17 IST
Google Pixel 8
Google Pixel 8 launch highlights: Google unveils a range of products. (Google )
Google Pixel 8 launch highlights: Google unveils a range of products. (Google )

Google Pixel 8 event highlights: After much anticipation and plenty of leaks and rumors, the Google event, which is expected to launch the Pixel 8 series along with the Pixel Watch 2, has just ended. The event was scheduled for 10 AM ET (7:30 PM IST) and took place in New York City. The event was held both in-person and

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04 Oct 2023, 21:06 IST

Made by Google event: Quick review

Google likes to keep its events short and succinct and today's event was no different. The event moved through at a fast pace and it did not slow down for the next hour and 10 minutes. 

During this time, Google announced new colors for the Pixel Buds, Pixel Watch 2, and its new flagship smartphone lineup of Google Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro.

Google Pixel Watch 2: The second generation of the Google smartwatch comes with an improved battery life. It is backed with a 306 mAh battery that goes up to 24 hours of use on a single charge with the always-on display and a 12-hour charge in 30 minutes.

The Pixel Watch 2 features a 320 ppi AMOLED display with 1000nits peak brightness. Its design is similar to the first generation of the Pixel watch however, it features a new aluminium material which has reduced the weight. It is powered by Qualcomm 5100 and Cortex M33 co-processor. It comes with 2 GB SDRAM and 32 GB eMMC FLASH storage.

The smartwatch will be available in four colours: Polished Blue Aluminium, Matte Black Aluminium, Champagne Gold Aluminium, and Champagne Silver Aluminium. The Wi-Fi variant is priced at $349 and the 4G LTE version comes at $399.

Google Pixel 8: It gets a 6.2-inch Actua display that wows with its 120Hz refresh rate, 1,400 nits and up to 2,000 of peak brightness. Under the hood, the Google Pixel 8 packs a photographic punch with its 50 MP PD wide primary camera, complemented by a 12MP ultrawide shooter and a 10.5MP selfie camera. It gets a 4,575mAh battery and supports fast charging.

The Pixel 8 is driven by the Tensor G3 processor, which promises not only speed but also enhanced efficiency compared to its predecessor, the Tensor G2, found in the Pixel 7 series. With 8GB of RAM and storage options that go up to a capacious 256GB, the Pixel 8 promises a smooth and lag-free experience.

The Google Pixel 8 starts at $699 (Rs. 75,999 in India). It is available in 128GB, and 256GB storage variants. Google is offering the Pixel 8 in Hazel, Obsidian, and Rose.

Google Pixel 8 Pro: It sports a 6.7-inch Super Actua display with a 120Hz refresh rate. The display can now support 2400 nits of peak brightness. Under the hood, the Pixel 8 Pro gets the new Tensor G3 SoC with the Titan M2 Security Coprocessor and 12GB RAM. Google has promised up to 7 years of OS and security updates with the smartphone.

It features a triple camera setup at the back with a primary 50MP Octa PD wide camera, 48MP Quad PD ultrawide camera, and 48MP Quad PD telephoto camera. The latter camera supports Super Res zoom up to 30X, as well as 5x telephoto optical zoom. On the front, you get a 10.5MP selfie shooter.

The Google Pixel 8 Pro starts at $999 in the US, and Rs. 1,06,999 in India. It is available in three storage variants - 128GB, 256GB and 512GB. Google is offering the Pixel 8 Pro in Obsidian, Porcelain, and Bay Blue.

04 Oct 2023, 20:53 IST

Google CEO Sundar Pichai goes missing from the Made by Google event

Unlike Apple CEO Tim Cook, who appears at the beginning of every Apple event, Google CEO Sundar Pichai surprisingly was not a part of the Made by Google event that launched the Pixel 8 series, Pixel Watch 2, and the new colorways of Google Buds Pro. 

However, even when away from the action, he expressed his excitement over the launch of the new Pixel devices. Pichai took to X and posted, “So excited to see Pixel 8, Pixel 8 Pro, Pixel Buds Pro, Pixel Watch 2 + our new G3 Tensor unveiled at #MadeByGoogle today. This line-up includes our latest advances across premium hardware, helpful software + #GoogleAI, and represents the future of Pixel”.

04 Oct 2023, 20:47 IST

Google Pixel 8 prices and pre-order details

The Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro are now available to pre-order and will be on shelves next week. Both phones come in three colors, and are priced slightly higher than their Pixel 7 predecessors.

The Pixel 8 starts at $699, and the Pixel 8 Pro starts at $999.

In India, the Pixel 8 starts at Rs. 75999, and the Pixel 8 Pro starts at Rs. 106999.

04 Oct 2023, 20:40 IST

Google Pixel 8 and the generative AI features

Rick Osterloh is back to tell us more about the generative AI features of the Pixel 8 series. The Pixel 8 Pro is designed to run Google's powerful AI models directly on the device, which will lead to improved experiences like a better Magic Eraser tool that can remove larger objects and people without leaving smudges, he says.

The upgraded Magic Eraser is available on the Pixel 8 Pro now, and more AI-powered features will be added in the coming months. For example, the Recorder app will get a summary feature that recaps the highlights of recorded meetings and presentations, and Gboard will get smart replies.

There's also a new Zoom Enhance feature that can sharpen image details when you zoom in. It's like the zoom enhancement you've seen in sci-fi movies, according to Google SVP Rick Osterloh. Look for these features to come to the Pixel 8 Pro via future Pixel feature drops.

04 Oct 2023, 20:31 IST

Pixel 8 series gets Assistant with Bard feature

Meet Assistant with Bard, a new personal assistant that combines personalized help with generative capabilities to see, hear, and suggest things based on your life. 

It can generate things for you based on your natural language requests. For example, you could ask Assistant with Bard to create a grocery list in Google Docs for a gathering, or to suggest the best route for a hike when walking with a small dog.

Assistant with Bard is being rolled out to selected testers soon, and will be available to everyone on an opt-in basis over the next few months.

04 Oct 2023, 20:24 IST

Google Pixel 8 Pro camera upgrades

All of the Pixel 8 Pro's cameras are getting an upgrade. The main sensor is larger, although the megapixel remains the same. 

The ultrawide camera is now 48MP. The ultrawide camera also gets a macro feature. Google claims that low light performance will get a major boost with the Pixel 8 Pro.

 The Pro mode also allows the user to access more control and features.

04 Oct 2023, 20:20 IST

Google Pixel 8 camera features - Best Take

Best Take uses AI to mix and match expressions from different photos to create the perfect group photo. So, you can take 5 different shots where different members of the group look good, and then it combines them all. 

AI is getting pretty scary, but also very convenient.

04 Oct 2023, 20:17 IST

Google Pixel 8 Audio Magic Eraser feature

The Pixel 8 is getting a new Audio Magic Eraser feature that allows users to remove unwanted sounds from videos. This feature is similar to the Magic Eraser feature that was introduced on the Pixel 6, but it is designed to work with sound instead of images.

Audio Magic Eraser works by separating the different sounds in a video into layers. This allows users to remove specific sounds, such as a dog barking or a baby cooing, without affecting the other sounds in the video.

04 Oct 2023, 20:13 IST

More AI features on Google Pixel 8: Call Assist, Call Screening, and more

The Pixel 8 is getting a number of new language recognition and Call Assist features, powered by the Tensor G3 chip.

  • Language recognition for dictation: The Pixel 8 can now recognize what language you're speaking when dictating and switch back and forth between languages automatically. This is a useful feature for people who speak multiple languages.
  • Read web pages aloud: The Pixel 8 can now read web pages aloud to you with the press of a button. 
  • Natural voice for Call Screen: The Pixel 8's Call Screen feature now has a more natural voice to answer calls. This makes the call sound more human and less robotic.
  • Faster spam call detection: The Pixel 8's Call Screen feature can now more quickly separate spam calls from important calls. 
  • Call Assist transcripts: The Pixel 8's Call Assist feature can now transcribe calls in real time. It can even respond to calls and show you in real time what the response was to still let you pick the call if you want.

04 Oct 2023, 20:11 IST

Pixel 8 series gets Tensor G3 chipset with advanced AI features

Google has unveiled the Tensor G3 chip, which features a number of significant upgrades over the previous Tensor chip. The most notable upgrade is to the Tensor Processing Unit (TPU), which now runs twice as many machine learning modules as the first Tensor chip. This means that the Tensor G3 can perform machine learning tasks much faster and more efficiently than its predecessor.

In addition to the TPU upgrade, the Tensor G3 also has a number of other improvements, including a faster CPU and GPU, and more efficient power management. This makes the Tensor G3 a more powerful and efficient chip overall.

04 Oct 2023, 20:08 IST

Google Pixel 8 series display upgrades

The Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro are getting new displays that are significantly brighter than the Pixel 7's display. The Pixel 8's display is said to be 42 percent brighter, while the Pixel 8 Pro's display is said to be even brighter, with a peak brightness of 2400 nits. The refresh rate of both displays varies from 1 to 120Hz.

The Pixel 8 Pro is also getting a new temperature sensor on the back. This sensor can be used to measure the temperature of objects, and Google is seeking FDA clearance to use it to measure human body temperature as well.

04 Oct 2023, 20:06 IST

Pixel 8 series is now easier to repair

Google has partnered with iFixit to make the Pixel 8 phones easier to repair. This means that those who love DIY projects will be able to purchase parts and repair their own phones, without having to send them back to Google.

Google also talked about going net zero by 2030 and is using recycled aluminum in the Pixel 8. There's no plastic in the packaging, either, says Google.

04 Oct 2023, 20:03 IST

Google Pixel 8 and Google Pixel 8 Pro have been unveiled

Starting with the design. The Pixel 8 is described as an evolution of the design of the Pixel 7, with a smaller size and more contoured edges. The smaller size is a little frustrating. Also no curved display. But honestly, that is a good design decision.

The Pixel 8 Pro will have a matte glass back with an emphasis on higher-end colors. The Pixel Buds Pro will also come in new colors to match the new Pixel phones.

04 Oct 2023, 20:00 IST

Pixel Watch 2 gets redesigned Fitbit app with AI-powered features

The Fitbit app on the Pixel Watch 2 is getting a redesign and will use AI to support new features. For example, Fitbit will be able to analyze your running data to compare runs of the same distance and track your performance over time. It can also pull information from your sleep tracking to see how your sleep quality is affecting your performance.

The idea is to use generative AI to dig into your fitness details and provide you with more personalized insights and advice. This feature is scheduled to roll out next year as part of the Fitbit Labs program, with trusted testers getting first access.

Pre-orders start today. Pricing starts at $349 for Wi-Fi and $399 for LTE.

04 Oct 2023, 19:52 IST

Pixel Watch 2 features new sensors and machine learning for health and fitness tracking

The Pixel Watch features three new sensors that help improve heart rate monitoring and add skin temperature tracking. The watch will also combine this sensor data with machine learning to provide users with smart insights and workout-tracking advice.

The new heart rate sensor is said to be 40% more accurate than previous sensors, making it more reliable for tracking fitness and detecting potential health problems. The skin temperature sensor can be used to track changes in body temperature, which can be helpful for identifying signs of illness or inflammation.

The Pixel Watch will use machine learning to analyze sensor data and provide users with personalized insights and advice.

04 Oct 2023, 19:50 IST

Pixel Watch 2 gets new safety features

The Pixel Watch is gaining a new safety feature called Safety Check. This feature allows users to share their location with emergency contacts after a timer expires and they do not check in.

This feature can be useful for people who are going to be in potentially dangerous situations, such as walking alone at night or hiking in a remote area. If the user does not check in with the timer, their emergency contacts will be notified of their location.

04 Oct 2023, 19:48 IST

Google Pixel Watch 2 has been unveiled

The Pixel Watch 2 boasts an enhanced design featuring more durable cover glass and the company claims that it utilizes 100% recycled aluminum materials. Compatibility with last year's Pixel Watch bands is retained, ensuring versatility. It now boasts a new quad-core CPU to boost performance, along with an extended battery life of 24 hours on a single charge. Plus, you can recharge the Pixel Watch 2 to 12 hours of usage in just 30 minutes.

04 Oct 2023, 19:41 IST

"The world is evolving form mobile first to AI first" says Rick Osterloh

04 Oct 2023, 19:39 IST

Google Pixel 8 launch live update: The event begins with Rick Osterloh taking the stage

Rick Osterloh, SVP, Devices & Services at Google, says “2023 is a big year for Google” and highlights the year as the year of innovation.

He also goes on the history of the Pixel phones as he reminds everyone that Pixel is 7 years old. “Pixel as the AI-centered mobile computer,” he adds.

04 Oct 2023, 18:57 IST

Google Pixel 8 Pro launch live update: Know all about the AI features

Google's annual Made By Google launch event is just two days away - scheduled for October 4. The tech giant is gearing up to unveil its highly anticipated Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro smartphones. While Google has kept the official details under wraps, leaks have given us a sneak peek into what we can expect from these devices. It's clear that AI will play a central role in shaping the future of the Pixel series.

Google has already infused AI into its Pixel phones, from the debut of Google Assistant to features like Top Shot and Night Sight. However, with the Pixel 8, AI is taking the spotlight. The tagline, "Pixel 8 is engineered by Google, with AI controlled by you," emphasizes the role of AI in the user experience.

According to a report by 9TO5Google, the Pixel 8 series aims to leverage AI to save users time and enhance safety. Features like "Summarize" in Google Assistant, which generates quick bullet-point summaries from webpages, highlight the device's efficiency. Additionally, safety and security are reinforced with the new Titan M2 and Tensor G3 chips, along with Google One's VPN and the "Safety Check" feature.

04 Oct 2023, 18:21 IST

Google Pixel 8 launch live update: AI camera feature LEAKED

According to a report by The Verge, tipster @MysteryLupin shared a leaked ad teaser of the Pixel 8 on X that shows several AI features of the Pixel 8 series, including the popular Magic Eraser. A new feature called Best Take is also highlighted. When you take a snapshot, your Pixel will automatically click a series of photos and select the best parts from each photo. It will then combine them into one composite image so that you always get the best possible result every time.

While smartphones do take multiple photos and fix things such as exposure, brightness, and saturation when HDR is turned on, Best Take could also replace your facial expressions in the image and present the most eye-catching image to you. It is yet unknown whether the Best Take feature will be limited to the new Pixel devices or will arrive on old Pixel phones via an OTA update.

04 Oct 2023, 18:00 IST

Google Pixel 8 Pro launch live update: Cool new feature coming to Pixel 8 Pro

The Google Pixel 8 Pro is expected to launch in October 2023 and it is set to introduce an innovative feature that has the potential to revolutionize the way we edit audio in videos. According to a report by Pocket-Lint, the Audio Magic Eraser is akin to its image-editing counterpart the Magic Eraser.

Just as the Magic Eraser lets users remove unwanted elements from images, such as distracting objects or people, the Audio Magic Eraser aims to remove background noise from videos. A short promotional video leaked on social media platform X (formerly Twitter) showcases the feature's capabilities in a 14-second clip, offering viewers a glimpse into its potential.

04 Oct 2023, 17:44 IST

Google Pixel 8 launch live updates: Pixel Watch 2 prices leaked

The tipster also shared the leaked prices of the Pixel Watch 2. As per the report, it will be available in two models - Wi-Fi, and LTE. The Wi-Fi variant will cost $349, while the LTE version will set you back $399.

04 Oct 2023, 17:23 IST

Google Pixel 8 Launch Live Updates: Pixel 8 prices leaked ahead of launch

Google is all set to unveil its Pixel 8 series at the Made by Google 2023 event which is taking place later today, October 4, in New York. Rumors have suggested a price hike for the Pixel 8 series owing to their various new features. Now, a recently surfaced report has revealed the actual pricing of the devices. Check it out below.

According to previous rumors, Google is expected to hike the price of the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro by $100 this year. This means that the Pixel 8 could start at $699, and the Pixel 8 Pro at $899. While this may or may not be true, a new report has revealed that Google could make it cheaper to own the higher storage variants of the Pixel 8 series.

04 Oct 2023, 17:03 IST

Google Pixel 8 Pro launch live: Pixel Watch 2, Pixel Buds Pro to be unveiled today

Pixel Watch 2 - According to a 91mobiles report, tipster Kamila Wojciechowska revealed that the Pixel Watch 2 may feature a 1.2-inch OLED display with 2GB of RAM and 16GB of internal storage. It could get new health features adopted from other fitness trackers such as Fitbit's stress management system and multi-path heart rate sensor, along with the electrodermal activity sensor.

Pixel Buds Pro - While Google isn't expected to announce any new buds, it could introduce new colours of the Pixel Buds Pro. A teaser shared by Google hinted at a new Porcelain colour of the Buds Pro. On the other hand, a separate report claimed that another Sky Blue colour could be on the way.

04 Oct 2023, 16:38 IST

Google Pixel 8 Launch Live Updates: Know about Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro

The Pixel 8 is expected to feature a 6.17-inch FHD display whereas the Pixel 8 Pro may get a 6.7-inch QHD+ display with a 120Hz refresh rate. Under the hood, both the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro are speculated to be powered by the in-house Tensor G3 chipset. This chipset is reported to boast a new 9-core CPU layout, promising impressive AI capabilities. Both smartphones are expected to get a $100 price hike this year, meaning that the Pixel 8 could start at $699, and the Pixel 8 Pro at $899.

04 Oct 2023, 15:56 IST

Google Pixel 8 Pro Launch Live: How to watch the live stream online

It has already been revealed that the Made by Google 2023 event will be an in-person event but will also be live-streamed online. Interested viewers can watch the event live on the Google event page that is live. It will also be live-streamed on Google's official YouTube channel. The recording of the event will be available for viewing once the Pixel 8 launch event is over.

04 Oct 2023, 15:23 IST

Google Pixel 8 Launch Live Updates: When to watch the Made by Google event

Google is gearing up for the big launch of its next generation of Pixel devices today, October 4. The Made by Google 2023 event is set to take place today in New York. The Mountain View-based tech giant holds its Made by Google events on an annual basis where it unveils the latest Pixel devices, along with its supported applications and services.

Google will announce the Pixel 8 along with the Pixel 8 Pro at the Made by Google 2023 event today, October 4. The event will kick off at 10:00 AM EST/7:00 AM PT/7:30 PM IST. Google announced, “Join us October 4th at 10 am ET to see the latest Pixel devices, plus a few more surprises.”

First Published Date: 04 Oct, 15:23 IST