JioSaavn now lets users upload podcasts on its platform through ‘Your Cast’

Interested podcasters can now upload their podcasts on JioSaavn through a new service called Your Cast.

JioSaavn currently hosts original podcasts on its platforms from renowned artists.
JioSaavn currently hosts original podcasts on its platforms from renowned artists. (JioSaavn)

JioSaavn on Monday launched a new service called "JioSaavn YourCast" that will let users upload their podcasts on the streaming platform. JioSaavn already hosts podcasts from popular artists but this feature will allow just anyone to upload their shows.

Interested podcasters can submit their basic details and links to their RSS feeds through an online portal. Users would still need to go through a screening process for their podcasts to get approved. "These details will be verified by JioSaavn's in-house content team for authenticity and quality, after which approved shows will go live there after," JioSaavn said in a release.

JioSaavn currently hosts original podcasts on its platform with shows like #NoFilterNeha, Kahaani Express, Take 2 with Anupama and Rajeev, Bhai ke Raapchik Reviews, and Mind Voice with RJ Balaji. JioSaavn's competitors like Spotify and Apple Music have had this option for quite some time. Spotify also launched original podcasts last November. The podcast market in India is also expected to grow bigger with 17.6 listeners by 2023, a PwC report indicated. It also puts India as the third-largest podcast market globally.

JioSaavn's latest initiative comes at a time when content consumption is at an all-time high due to the Covid-19 lockdowns. The streaming service had also organised Facebook Live performances for independent artists who could earn through the platform. This was part of the company's Covid-19 relief efforts, and it featured artists such as Taba Chake, Palash Sen and Ankur Tewari.