Microsoft Surface Duo 2 could come with a third display

Microsoft’s follow up for the dual-screen Duo device could feature an edge display with limited functionalities.

Microsoft is working on a second-generation Surface Duo.
Microsoft is working on a second-generation Surface Duo. (Microsoft)

Microsoft is yet to commercially launch Surface Duo but it has reportedly already begun working on a follow up of the dual-screen foldable device. According to a new report, Microsoft's Surface Duo 2 could feature a third display.

In a new patent filed by Microsoft, the device is seen sporting an edge screen. The third display will show information/content on the basis the device orientation is. The third screen usability could be very much limited. The report says the screen could be used to show notifications, messages preview, time, and battery levels.

For instance, the third display will show missed calls and text messages when the device is closed. Elements like app controls and multi-tasking will be shown on the exterior of the screen when the device is in a tent state, reports windowslatest.

"Techniques are described herein that are capable of making a state-based determination of information to be displayed on a screen region of a hinge that is coupled to other screen regions. For instance, a state of a hinge that is coupled between a first screen region and a second screen region may be determined. Information that is to be displayed on a third screen region that is provided on the hinge may be determine based at least in part on the state of the hinge," reads the abstract of patent application filed by Microsoft.

Microsoft showcased the Surface Duo in October last year. As said earlier, the company hasn't commercially launched the device yet. So far, the company has made some moderate changes to the hardware before the commercial release.

Surface Duo is likely a reference device for the Windows 10X, Microsoft's new software for the dual-screen laptops and other products expected to launch in bigger volumes later this year.