Mother’s Day 2020: PUBG Mobile pro Dynamo tells us how moms deal with gamer sons

Mothers can never be too pleased about their kids gaming all the time. But what do you do if your child is a pro gamer? We find out

| Updated on: May 10 2020, 09:22 IST
Meet Aaditya Deepak Sawant. PUBG Mobile fans will know him better as Dynamo.
Meet Aaditya Deepak Sawant. PUBG Mobile fans will know him better as Dynamo. (HT Web)
Meet Aaditya Deepak Sawant. PUBG Mobile fans will know him better as Dynamo.
Meet Aaditya Deepak Sawant. PUBG Mobile fans will know him better as Dynamo. (HT Web)

Think of how many times your mom has asked you to get off the phone, to stop gaming. Obviously she wants you to concentrate on your studies and not ruin your eyes. However, what happens if you are a professional gamer? How does your mother balance the telling you off about all that time online and supporting your career?

Meet Aaditya Deepak Sawant. PUBG Mobile fans will know him better as Dynamo or Dynamo Gaming on YouTube. Sawant has 7.15 million subscribers on his YouTube channel where he streams the games he plays with his squad - Hydra Clan.

We spoke to Sawant about his mom and how she has dealt with a gamer son. Read on...

1. Does your mother understand your love for PUBG Mobile? If not, do you think she will understand it better if you teach her how to play?

Yes, my mother completely understands and respects my passion towards PUBG Mobile and has been my pillar of strength throughout my journey. That's the thing about mothers, they will support you no matter what and help you give your best at whatever you choose to do. Personally, I don't think she wants to start playing herself because of the amount of time my family and I spend playing the game, yes it's a family of gamers! But you never know, I think she would be very good at the game.

2. How would you teach your mother to play?

It would be easy to teach my mother how to play PUBG Mobile. On a daily basis, she observes how I play and the techniques I use when I livestream. Additionally, we are a house full of PUBG Mobile lovers, therefore she always listens in to our discussions about the game. If she's ever interested in learning the game, I will personally train her. Not only is she a quick learner but she would also be in very good hands.

3. If your mom played PUBG with you, what role would she play? Assaulter, Sniper, Scout or Support?

Any mother is a child's most fierce protector! Along with that, my mother is extremely observant and a team player. These qualities would make for a perfect Support or Scout role. Her helpful nature will contribute to being a great Support and her knowledge of all the things happening around us is something that would help her scout out any concealed danger.

4. If PUBG Mobile hosted a mother-child duo tournament, would you and your mother win?

Of course we will win, I have no doubt about that in my mind. We have always made a strong team and I am confident that her role as a Support or Scout will perfectly compliment my sniping and assault skills. We would make the ultimate duo.

5.If your mother had to choose between reviving you or running away and winning the chicken dinner, what would she choose and why?

My mother is a team player at home and I'm sure this aspect of her's will transcend into the game as well. While she enjoys competition and winning, I am sure she would first try to revive me so we can enjoy the chicken dinner together.

6. If you had to help your mother cook in exchange for her playing PUBG with you, would you do it?

Definitely, whatever it takes to get her onto the battleground! In any case, on a daily basis I help her out in the kitchen. If helping her cook is what needs to be done to get her to play, it's worth the effort.

7. What role does a mother play in the life of a gamer?

A mother plays the most important role in any child's life, gamer or not. She gives you the confidence to live your dreams and make a career out of whatever makes you happy. Even though gaming is a relatively new profession, your mother's support can be a driving force that helps you conquer any hurdle that may come up.

8. How has your mother helped you in your career as a gamer?

My mother has been the most significant in my journey. I was able to follow my dreams and believe in myself because I knew how much she believed in me. Even today as a professional gamer, it is because of my mother that I can manage such a hectic schedule and still lead a disciplined life. She brings immense balance to my life, by ensuring I eat healthy and exercise regularly, she keeps me fit enough to not let my hectic gaming schedule take a toll on me, so that I am ready for my live streams that my fans eagerly wait for. My mother also keeps me mentally secure. Whenever I feel demotivated or I have a bad day, I can always count on her to help me get back on my feet again. I am ever so grateful for her.

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First Published Date: 10 May, 09:22 IST