MyDoom overtakes Sobig.F as fastest spreading virus

Experts are warning that the worst damage may be yet to come. MyDoom prevention and cure

| Updated on: Jan 29 2004, 14:57 IST

The MyDoom computer virus was rapidly becoming the largest virus outbreak ever, experts said on Wednesday, while warning that the worst damage may be yet to come.

MyDoom was overtaking the Sobig.F virus, clogging the Internet with some 100 million infected e-mails in its first 36 hours and prompting the FBI to launch an investigation.

But analysts said that the slowing or crashing of computer networks may only be the start of the problems from the worm, which installs a program on infected computers allowing a hacker to take control and launch additional attacks.

The virus is programmed to launch so-called denial of service attacks on the owner the Unix computer operating system, suggesting it could be linked to the battle for 'open source' or free software.

But Keith Peer, president and founder of the US-based security firm Central Command, said the installation of the so-called Trojan program could be a sign of other malicious intent.

'Someone who does this has intention to do harm,' Peer said, adding that the virus creators 'can now use the infected machines as an army for spam, or to attack other machines. They could focus this on any number of things.'

The remote control of other computers could be used for politically-oriented attacks or for spam, in an effort to generate money.

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First Published Date: 29 Jan, 12:22 IST
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