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PewDiePie became the most-subscribed YouTube channel in 2010.
PewDiePie signs exclusive streaming deal with YouTube
PewDiePie who has 104 million subscribers on YouTube will now stream exclusively on YouTube which touts itself to be the largest gaming platform in the world.
Aleksandra Kuzmanovic, the WHO’s social media manager, said the organisation had also established a presence on TikTok and Snapchat during the COVID-19 pandemic.
WHO working with TikTok, Snapchat to debunk virus myths
The WHO said it had started working with TikTok and Snapchat since the pandemic broke out in a bid to reach out to teen and younger social messaging app users.
Google said it has been watching closely for advertising abuses taking advantage of the crisis since the COVID-19 outbreak started.
Google has a ‘task force’ to fight bad Covid-19 ads
Google has blocked and removed coronavirus-related marketing pitches in recent months for policy violations including price-gouging and misleading claims.
Amazon on April 27, 2020 defended its coronavirus safety efforts as it faced renewed protests from warehouse workers, which have drawn support from some of the US giant's technology employees.
Amazon defends Covid-19 safety efforts amid fresh protests
The latest actions stemmed from a recent decision by Amazon not to extend uncapped unpaid time off for distribution center employees facing increased workloads due to the coronavirus pandemic.
Google may have to pay publishers for using their content in France as well.
Australia to force Google, Facebook to pay for news content
A mandatory code of conduct to be unveiled by July would require the firms to reimburse Australian media companies for using their news and other content.
Apple is likely to be able to sell 20 million to 25 million of the new devices.
Apple iPhone 9 may be coming as locked-down consumers seek bargains
Despite a pandemic-induced global economic crisis, Apple is widely believed to be set to release a reduced-priced handset that aims to fill a gap in its lineup, as early as this month.
Amazon is moving to create it own lab to test employees for coronavirus as the e-commerce giant struggles with safety issues amid the pandemic. The online retail leader, which began the year with some 750,000 employees and is growing, said it had begun
Amazon moves to create own Covid-19 testing lab for employees
Amazon said it was making the move because of a shortage of tests that can confirm infections and concerns that even people without symptoms may be spreading the disease.
TikTok owned by Chinese tech company ByteDance
TikTok pledges $250 million for Covid-19 relief
TikTok said it would match $10 million in donations to its “community relief fund,” with some of that going to artists, songwriters, and music professionals hurt by cancelled performances and gig work.
An Uber Eats food delivery courier closes a bag with an order during a lockdown, imposed to prevent the spread of coronavirus disease (COVID-19), in central Kiev, Ukraine April 2, 2020.
Uber to provide ‘tens of millions’ of masks to drivers globally
Uber shipped its first order of masks to drivers in New York City, which is the current US epicenter of the outbreak, and expects another half-million that will go other US cities.
Disney+ launched in India via Hotstar with a revamped UI and logo.
Disney+ streaming service hits 50 million users, 8 million from India
Disney+ rolled out in India via Hotstar, and in eight Western European countries as well in recent weeks.

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