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Samsung Galaxy Tab 620 Review

The Samsung Galaxy Tab 620 boasts of being the thinnest and the lightest 7 inch tablet in the market. It also comes to you with Social Hub that gives you the freedom of integrated messaging for email, instant messaging and other social networking sites.

| Updated on: Apr 14 2012, 18:56 IST

Samsung Galaxy Tab 620 is not the first tablet in the Galaxy family. But it surely is one of the sleekest among a family of 750, 730 and 680.

With a choice of products under same brand, consumers not only demand more, but their desires are fulfilled in various ways. If you do not seek for 10.1-inch tablet, then you can consider something else from Galaxy and could satisfy your requirements. No wonder, there are differences in all the tablets which could bring you your desired results.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab 620 comes with 7-inch display, which is much smaller and lighter than Apple's iPad or iPad 2. The advantages of the compact design are that it weighs just 345 grams, has a better battery backup, and feels more comfortable and portable while using it. Of course, the experience of maps and videos is a bit marred by the smaller display.

The design is not different from its predecessors, but the tablet has a clean and elegant look thanks to oodles of good quality glossy plastic. The edges are rounded; the sides have graceful slopes and are framed with thin aluminum to cover the screen. One big problem is that the battery can't be removed. But then again, that's a common issue with most tablets in the market, these days.

The Tab has a MicroSD card slot and a SIM card slot, both being at the left side of the device. Additionally, the power button as well as volume rocker are placed at the right side of the device.

The tablet is powered by a 1.2 GHz Exynos processor, which is different from the 1 GHz Tegra 2 processor, loaded in 750. Due to the faster processor, users can load and play games easily, can surf Internet quickly, and can also run apps without much hassle. The tablet is equipped with 7-inch PLS (plane-to-line switching) panel. The resolution offered is 1024x600. While the display has impressive viewing angles, the maximum brightness possible on the tablet is not much. But then again, more often than not, users keep the brightness level to as low as possible to save battery.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab 620 comes loaded with 1 GB RAM and internal memory storage of 16 GB, upgradable to 48GB with the help of a 32GB microSD card. It is also capable of showing full HD videos in 1080p. It also supports the more popular formats like AVI, MP4 & MKV.

Just like the Galaxy Note. The Tab 620 also allows you to make phone calls using the SIM card. While it is possible to pick up the 'phone' to your ear, I shall strongly advise you to use the supplied headsets, or a Bluetooth headset, in case you really have to make a phone call using a 7-inch tablet.

Honeycomb installed in the tablet is more than capable in performing the daily tasks of emailing, browsing, reading news, multimedia and more. Thanks to our increasing dependence on Google's suit of software, Android does make a compelling mobile OS of choice. Nonetheless, the fact that there is still no news of ICS landing on the Samsung Galaxy series of tablets and phones is a huge disappointment.

The tablet comes loaded with a 4000 mAh battery. Our tests showed that it easily survived over 12 hours during cases of moderate social media updates, emailing, browsing on 3G and listening to music. It also lasted for about 7 hours with a 1080p videos being played in loop. While we did not make many phone calls with the tablet, we are confident that the tablet should easily last the day for a regular user.

If you are planning to buy the Tab 620 because you want an iPad, you are looking at the wrong place. This baby is not a 'cheaper iPad'. It is a different tablet in its own right. I own a PlayBook myself, and I felt like selling it off in replacement of the Tab 620, after just one week of usage.

The Tab 620 is buttery smooth when it comes to the raw processing power. The customized TouchWizUI from Samsung is also very functional and hardly makes you want to switch to the default Honeycomb experience.

One of the major reasons of buying a 7-inch tablet is to read - be it an occasional novel, news updates, or even stock quotes. And that is here this 7 incher shines bright and loud. It is so small that we could even make it fit into our jeans and trouser pockets. It is extremely easy to carry and flip out even in the middle of the road. It is also super simple to type with two thumbs in the portrait mode, something you can never dream of with a tablet.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab 620 is undoubtedly the best 7-inch tablet in the market, and at 25,900, it is a very good bargain. Do not get fooled by the cheap prices of BlackBerry PlayBook or the Reliance 3G tablet. If you want quality, and great selection of apps, along with a great tablet size to read on, it is time to flip out that credit card!

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First Published Date: 14 Apr, 15:45 IST