TikTok dance tutorial to DIY workouts, here’s what’s trending on Google Search this week

Google’s Search trends for this week show a mix of DIY workouts, emojis and food recipes.

Google has released a new batch of global Search trends for this week.
Google has released a new batch of global Search trends for this week. (Google)

Google has been releasing global Search trends for a few weeks now. This week in Search dance challenges are back on top while trampoline dunks and shredded chicken top the list too.

Google also revealed that search for emojis are at an all time high. The heart emoji was searched 10 times more than the mask emoji. Other emojis that make it to the list include the shrug emoji, laughing emoji and smile emoji. People are still trying to ace those TikTok dance routines clearly with "tik tok dance tutorial" beating "hip hop dance tutorial" and even "online dance tutorial". Is TikTok the new dance destination?


Home workouts have increased due to the lockdown and this week, people searched for DIY equipment like pull-up bars and dumbbells. These searches increased by over 800 on Google. Other than home workouts, people are also searching for "trampoline basketball hoop" and "backyard batting cages".

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There was an increase of over 800% globally for trampoline basketball hoops with the most searches from West Virginia. As for backyard batting cages, its search has gone up by over 5,000% globally.

Searches for online food recipes have also increased during this period and one particular dish that stood out in the US was "shredded chicken". Google said the term "shredded" was searched more than ever before in the US.