Apex Legends launching on mobile end of this year

Apex Legends mobile launch finally gets a launch timeline that's slated for the year-end.

Apex Legends launched last February for PC, Xbox One and PS4.
Apex Legends launched last February for PC, Xbox One and PS4. (Apex Legends)

Apex Legends is launching on mobile by the end of this year. This was confirmed by EA CEO Andrew Wilson who talked about the release data in a video that was leaked on Twitter.

In what seems to be a conversation with the press, Wilson is seen talking about mobile and he mentions Apex Legends soft launching by the end of this year. EA announced last year that it would bring Apex Legends to mobile but did not provide a definite timeline. The battle royale game launched last February with a good start of 50 million users in just a month.

This is the first update we have on a timeline for Apex Legends mobile launch. It’s going to be a soft launch which means that the game will be available to either select users or select markets. It’s interesting to see how Apex Legends fares in the mobile gaming market. PUBG Mobile is currently one the most popular battle royale games but Call of Duty: Mobile has become a fan favourite as well.

This reveal also comes shortly after the EA Play Live event that took place last week. Here, EA made a bunch of announcements for its games including Apex Legends which is coming to Steam and Nintendo Switch. EA also announced crossplay support for Apex Legends on all platforms. It first launched on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Apex Legends is a remake of Titanfall developed by Respawn Entertainment. It’s set in the same universe as Titanfall, and players get eight characters to choose from. You can also team up with two or more players and make a squad in Apex Legends.